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Lazy Days of Summer? Think again…


Summer was not always the lazy, vacation-filled season that we now see it as.  When we think of summer today, we think of long hot days of laying by the pool with the kids while they splash away their summer break.  The family road trips to expensive amusement parks or vacations to the beach are standard.  Sending the kids off …

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Why We Should Never Say “I Could Never…”


Have you ever found yourself using this phrase? “I could never…” Fill in the blank for yourself. We have all said it, but have we stopped to think about what it really means? I’ll share with you one of my very adamant “I could nevers”. I could never get up at 6 am to go running! I am really not …

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How I Ate Real Food as a Kid…and didn’t even know it.


We were eating non-GMO, organic, locally grown, pesticide free, fresh food before any of us had ever heard about these modern buzzwords.   As I look around at kids today, it is completely obvious to anyone with eyes that we have an epidemic problem of obesity in our country. It doesn’t require a degree in nutrition to realize that processed …

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Children…A Homesteader’s Retirement Plan


Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping, my husband reminds me to “go to your happy place.” What is my happy place? I’ve tried to imagine myself sitting on a secluded beach as the sun goes down and the tide rolls in. I’ve imagined myself in the cool of the evening laying on a hammock in the shade of two beautiful …

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A Well-Armed Mother


I am a mother and a gun owner, in that order. I own a gun because I’m a mother. I put this article in the Family Life section of our website on purpose. Does that seem weird? Typically gun articles would fall in outdoors, recreational, or even prepping categories. But when I think about carrying and shooting my gun, one …

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Tips for Choosing Homeschool Curriculum…plus my picks for next year.


I get a lot of emails from moms who are just starting out with homeschooling. The theme of these emails is all the same. They are overwhelmed! I know that feeling very well! I am constantly astonished at how many curriculum choices are out there. Homeschooling has become so popular and there really is something for everyone, including developing your …

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No Ipads: For Steve Jobs’ Kids or Mine


I have something in common with Steve Jobs! Who would have thought? The now deceased technological icon lead a completely different life than mine, but his kids didn’t have an Ipad and neither do mine! I saw an interesting article the other day about how he chose to ban Ipads for kids in his home. You can read the article …

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America’s Food Obsession: How My Family Broke Free


I believe that part of America’s obsession with food stems from an “I need” mentality that is capitalized upon by the food corporations. They want you to open your fully packed fridge and stocked cupboards and choose to order take-out because nothing “sounds good”. It has been said that you can see where a person’s priorities are by looking at …

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An Off Grid Girl Visits the City


Well, it really wasn’t technically the city.  But it certainly felt like one to me!  My husband and I took a day and night to visit Eureka Springs, AR for our anniversary.  It’s been ten years and we wanted to make it special.  We walked and hiked the many streets, gawked at the beautiful houses (one of my favorite things …

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Some of our Homestead Oops Moments and Mistakes


I’ve written a lot of “how to” articles about our life here on our homestead.  I certainly did not have all those things figured out when we moved off grid!  I learned as I went and I’ve learned a lot through trial and error.  Today, I thought I would tell you some of the mistakes Zac and I have made …

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