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IKEA Off-Grid Tiny House for $1100


One of the biggest questions we get is how to get affordable housing on raw property. So you want to live off grid and build your own homestead? But you want to build your house yourself and do it right. What about living in a temporary shelter in the mean …

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Fall Preparations on the Homestead


This time of year, I often think about Aesop’s iconic fable of “The Ants and the Grasshopper”.  Summer has turned into fall and my pantry is completely restocked with beautiful mason jars.  They stand as an amazing reminder of a summer’s hard work of planting, cultivating, harvesting, and preserving.  I …

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Off Grid Pitcher Pump for the Homestead


An American Homestead now has indoor plumbing thanks to this beautiful pitcher pump. Jaimie is excited to have all the water she needs right at her fingertips again. It’s a very easy pump to maintain and disassemble as demonstrated in the video. Enjoy!

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How Humanure Changed My Life

Humanure (human manure) is defined as “human fecal material and urine recycled for agricultural purposes via thermophilic composting.” EWWW!!! Does that definition completely gross you out? Well, you are not alone! The word “recycled” is what gets to me. It brings to my mind images of Kevin Costner in “Water …

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Candid Thoughts on Living Without Running Water


I’ve often said that living without running water is the hardest thing about living off grid. Reaching for the faucet and expecting water to flow out of it, is so ingrained in us that for many it seems impossible to imagine a life without that luxury. Yesterday water flowed into …

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The Great American Homestead Smokehouse


Long before we started homesteading, I wanted to build a smokehouse. I love the taste of smoked meat and often thought why not make this on my own rather than pay big bucks for someone else to do it? As a child, I would read books about the early American …

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My “New” Farmhouse Table

I feel like my house became a real farmhouse today. We live on a farm, so that seems like a pretty silly thing to say! We raise sheep for meat, have chickens for eggs and meat, and grow a garden capable of producing all the produce that we need. We …

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Most Asked Homesteading Questions

We get so many questions from our faithful viewers and readers. Thank you so much for your interest! We love sharing what we are doing and learning with you. And it encourages us so much to know that we are an inspiration. We wish we had time to answer all …

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9 Ways Our Homestead Cooks Off Grid

Looking around our home and outside on our homestead, we have nine different ways of cooking. None of them require electricity! I recently counted them all when I was getting ready to write this article and I was surprised at the number. Wow! Most of them use wood (readily available …

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