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Tips for Hanging Clothes

This is the perfect time of year to hang clothes on a clothesline!  You can save on your electric bill, disinfect your laundry with the sun, and there’s no ironing necessary.  I think that I have hung everything imaginable under the sun (pun intended)!  I hang year round.  Yes, even …

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Summers without Air Conditioning

I keep finding myself saying, “It’s not THAT hot yet.”  The summer has just begun!  How hot is that hot?  The high was 93 degrees today and in the house it got up to 87 degrees.  Definitely time to turn on the AC!  But we have a pantry where our …

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Getting Water Off Grid

If you have ever gone without running water or electricity for any period of time, I think you would probably agree that water is so much more important.  Electricity is a modern convenience.  Mankind has really only had electricity for one century.  That’s nothing compared to our history.  Functioning without …

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A Clean House Makes Mama Happy!

My family moved to the country for a simpler life.  We wanted a small house and less things.  That excited me!  I wanted the inside of my home to feel simple and peaceful.  I didn’t want to see clutter because to me that is not simple and definitely not peaceful.  …

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Off Grid Lighting

When people hear that my family lives without electricity, their first question is usually: Well, what do you do for light?  After a year and a half of living without light bulbs, lamps, and light switches, I have to say that going non-electric with lighting is one of the easiest …

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Cleaning House with a Bar of Soap?

I guess this is probably most women’s least favorite task.  And everyone usually has their favorite tools for getting the job done.  I guess this is why I have been asked on more than one occasion how I keep my house clean without electricity.  Living in a small house with …

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