Hickory Smoked Salt


Smoked Salt – Hickory Wood
Cold Smoked for 72 hours in the American Ozark Mountains on the homestead!

5 ounce jar

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Discover smoked salt and change your world forever! Our smoked salts are a wonderful way to enhance flavor of whatever savory dish you want to enjoy! The American Homestead smoked salts are crafted using a 72 hour cold smoking process from wood harvested right here on our land.


The Wood
All of the wood used in the smoking process is harvested right here on An American Homestead. All of it is non-treated Persimmon, Plum, Maple, Hickory and Sassafrass wood hand selected and harvested from our forest.


The Salt
We start with 100% pure salt (sodium chloride) labeled “high purity” with no additives, caking agents, iodine, or other unnatural chemicals. So that way you know that the only thing that hits your taste buds is pure salt and great natural smoke flavor to bring out the best in your savory dishes. Great on morning eggs, salads, BBQ or fried meats or roasted corn on the cob!


We have lots of Hickory wood on the homestead. Hickory wood provides great flavor for smoking meats and salts. Once you try this, your dinner table won’t be complete without it from here on out! Be on the lookout for other wood smoked salts such as Plum, Persimmon, Maple, and Sassafrass! Enjoy!




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