Ozark Squash Potato


Seed packet – 13 seeds.

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These are our amazing Award Winning squash seeds that produce huge yummy squash! We eat these big boys year round and can them in our pressure canner for long term storage! They will also keep just as is on the shelf for up to a year. Our home does not have AC or central heating and they keep fine on the shelf for a full year.

The seeds for sale here are of limited quantity. These are from our 1st place winner from the 2016 county fair. So once they are gone, they are gone. We will at a later date have some additional seeds for sale but these are from our first place winner. The squash was huge with thick flesh and perfect for canning.

We call these Ozark Mountain Potatoes but it’s just a type of large pumpkin squash. They were developed by a friend of ours in South Carolina.

These seeds like fertile soil and adequate moisture. They are very heat tolerant. Try to start seeds in early summer. Mid to full sun. Harvest before first frost.
Try adding rabbit manure to your growing area for an exceptional boost!

NOTE: This squash has had very little issues with squash bugs or powdery mildew compared to other squashes we have grown.

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