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3 Favorite Garden Veggies To EAT RAW!

One of the best reasons to grow your own garden is to that you get to eat out of it! We love all of the foods our garden produces and the amazing flavors we get to experience. It’s just so amazing to us that you can put a seed in the ground and up comes food!

So today, we are going through the garden and pointing out 3 of my favorite veggies to eat raw. I really urge my viewers to eat seasonally and to eat veggies that you grow yourself. I really enjoy giving garden tours of what we are growing. Many of the so called “homestead channels”, even the big ones rarely do this. Gardens take a lot of work to keep growing and produce actual food. So when you find a homestead that does that work, listen to what they say because they are learning through experience.

What did you grow this year? Share with us below and leave a comment!


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Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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