A Well-Armed Mother

I am a mother and a gun owner, in that order. I own a gun because I’m a mother. I put this article in the Family Life section of our website on purpose. Does that seem weird? Typically gun articles would fall in outdoors, recreational, or even prepping categories. But when I think about carrying and shooting my gun, one word comes to mind. Family. My husband and my children are the reason that I have my gun and know how to shoot it.

There are some avid women shooters. They enjoy shooting so much that they can’t wait to get to the gun range to practice. But I am not one of them. I can absolutely hit my target, but if given the choice of any activity, I will certainly not choose shooting. It’s actually pretty far down on the list, unless I’m shooting with my husband and then it would move up several places! Despite the fact that I’m not quick to jump at the chance to shoot, I’m still a pretty good shot. Maybe I just had a great teacher! Actually, women are usually better at shooting than men, especially as beginners. They do very well in their first lessons because most did not grow up pretending to shoot like little boys do. They don’t have any bad shooting habits to unlearn.

Zac at an NRA convention before I met him.
Zac at an NRA convention before I met him.
My husband taught me to shoot many years ago when we were dating. He was very deliberate in training me because we both knew that someday I would need to protect our children. Zac loves to shoot and he’s a pretty good teacher. He’s very proficient with his firearm! When I met him, he was deep into the “gun culture.” If you know guns, you will know what I mean by that! He even began a successful website to promote the right to carry in Missouri. I was NOT into the gun culture, but that was okay with him. He told me later that one of the ways he knew I was the one for him was because my dad was a member of the NRA. Ha! Thanks Dad! So, Zac took me to the gun range and taught me all the ins and outs of shooting. In those days, I preferred a .38 caliber revolver because it was easy to operate. His gun buddies even went in together to purchase a revolver for me as a wedding present. I know! What says “Congratulations, you’re hitched,” like a shiny new gun?!

A special wedding present, my Rossi revolver.
A special wedding present, my Rossi revolver.
It didn’t take me long before I also knew my way around guns, could identify different kinds, and even what they sound like when heard from a distance. These days, when my husband shoots a snake with his 9mm Glock or when my dad is shooting at a crow with his .12 gauge shotgun, I know the difference. I will also never again watch a TV show or a movie in ignorance. It takes someone who knows guns to notice when a gun is fired way beyond its capacity and a reload is necessary. And the constant clicking of pistols when the shooter takes aim can get really annoying. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, pay attention the next time you watch a movie or TV show. A well working gun does not make clicking sounds when you move it around!

So, my husband is the reason that I know how to shoot, but what about my kids? There are those who would advocate locking your guns away (never to be seen again) when kids enter the picture. If there is one thing that all mothers have in common, it is their intense desire to protect their children at all costs. It is absolutely our instinct. We will do anything to keep our kids safe. So…why have guns around? To do exactly that! Keep my kids safe! They are the sole reason that I put my pistol in my pocket when we take a walk in the woods. Thar’ be nasty critters in them thar’ woods! When my husband is away, guess what takes his place on the bed next to me at night. An armed mama is a prepared mama. Nobody is going to hurt my children.

My XD 9mm next to the shot ammo we use to shoot snakes.
My XD 9mm sub-compact next to the shot ammo we use to shoot snakes.
So what firearm do I use these days? I’ve moved on from my Rossi revolver. A six shooter was nice when I was a beginner, but these days I like my 9mm XD sub-compact. It’s a little lighter than the Rossi and it holds 16+1 in the chamber. I keep it in a holster that needs an adult size hand to release the gun. Only I can get it out of the holster to shoot. I also love that it is very easy to tell if a round is already in the chamber, even in the dark. It has a loaded indicator on top of the barrel to show that a round is chambered and ready to fire.

Having guns around means that I need to be a responsible parent. It is my job to teach my kids about their danger and power. Our guns are always kept out of reach, but within easy access for my husband and me. As soon as my kids could crawl, they learned that guns are off limits. They are not to be touched! No exceptions! They both have a very healthy respect for guns. Even my 2 year follows this rule very well. When he sees me reach for it to put in my pocket, he points and says “Mommy” which means that he understands that it is only mine and absolutely not for him.

As a mother, and especially a stay-at-home homeschool mom, my life revolves around my family. It is my job to take care of them. I look at my gun like just another tool that enables me to do my job. My broom is for sweeping the floor. My washtub and wringer help me get our clothes clean. My chef’s knife slices and chops very well. My 9mm is there when I need it to keep my family safe. I’m a well-armed mother.


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Jaimie lives with her husband on their off-grid homestead known online as An American Homestead. They live with their two sons and her parents Tim and Joann on 50 acres located deep in the American Ozark Mountains.

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  1. I am so taken by everything you guys do
    It is our dream to do what yall do on your homestead.. We are still several years away but are avid watchers of everything you guy post video and articles! Thanks for making it all available! Keep up the amazing hard work!

  2. I believe that not only should we (mothers) be armed but we teach our children how to respect, handle and shoot a gun (when the parents feel the child is responsible enough). We should act on the second amendment. I support those who support our right to keep and bear arms. And im glad u made this post.

  3. I’ve always felt very uncomfortable with guns. Not to say that I don’t support 2nd Amendment rights. I absolutely do. My husband was in the Marine Corps and owns guns, and I’m glad he does. But I wasn’t raised around guns and have never been taught gun safety or anything. I never had a desire to learn. But just yesterday on the way to church I told my husband that I think it’s time for him to teach me…for the very reasons you mentioned. We have 5 children, ages 2 months to 8 yrs and my mama instincts are kicking in telling me that it’s time to step up.

    • Good for you Ashley! I think you’ll find that it’s not too difficult. Learning gun safety is so important, but beyond that, just relax. 🙂

  4. It’s always interesting to read articles like this from Americans. 🙂 Sometimes it seems that we live in two different worlds, even if we’re in neighboring countries.

  5. This is a very interesting article. Like Just Plain Marie, I’m a Canadian. I’ve never actually shot a gun before, but after reading your article, I can see some good points for why I should learn. At the very least, I should be able to shoot a rifle, to protect livestock and members of the family. I’m more concerned with bears and coyotes then anything else.
    Thanks for the post.

  6. 16 +1! I need this! My EDC is a LC9 I love how light weight it is. Great article!

  7. I carry for the exact same reasons!

  8. I never grew up around guns, the same as Ashley. My father took me hunting 3 or 4 times when I was a teenager but aside from that, I never even shot one. It actually wasn’t until I became a mother that I began to think about the benefits of owning a firearm. I took a course and received my hunting license two years ago and bought my first rifle. I am still not the greatest shot but am working on it. I plan to get my CCW soon and this is because as you stated, I want to protect my children. I commend you for allowing your children to learn gun safety! I wish every mother would do this. Our oldest is 8, about to be 9 and we are just beginning to teach her gun safety. When our two boys grow to be a little older, we will be teaching them as well. I really enjoyed this article Jamie, great job!

  9. Jaimie,
    You’re an awesome woman, we envy the lifestyle you are living and watch every video that you post.

  10. Hi, Jaimie~

    I completely understand the need for guns to protect the family and am trying very hard to get over my fear of them. You see, as a young child, I watched the neighbor kid shoot his brother over a basketball, so guns and kids in the same place scare me immensely.

    My husband, a former Marine, owns rifles and a .45, but I have never fired them. I need to get over my fear and learn!

    We just bought a 10-acre homestead on a little mountain where there are black bears, cougars, and raccoons. Protecting my family is a priority.

  11. Shalom, Jamie!
    YHWH has just blessed us in the past few months to be able to move away from CA and to MO. My husband and I have bought a small farm and are following where Yah leads us.
    We knew when we came out here that we were going to purchase guns and need to practice. I’m starting with a Ruger SR22-it fits my hand well and doesn’t overwhelm me like the .380 caliber pistols did, and my 9 yr old son can handle it. I’m trying to work up to a 9mm. Just searched all over your website to see what you had-thought I remembered it in here some where. Will be going up to the shooting range today to see if they have your Springfield model I can try. I was leaning to the Ruger version of the 9mm. Will see if I can compare them today.
    I do like that your model is small and that it has 17 rounds available. I’m leary of the noise and recoil of the smaller barrel though.
    We were curious where you guys buy your rounds? We’re trying to find good pricing on them with good quality as well.

  12. Well said! This is my first time visiting your blog (found a link to this article on the Molly Green FB page) but I will definitely be back.

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