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Tim and Joann, Zac and Jaimie along with their children Joshua and Kaleb, left St. Louis, MO in 2012 in search of a more simple lifestyle.  They moved around a couple times and finally settled on a 2400 ft. elevation mountain top in the Ozarks.  The land is 56.5 acres and includes pasture land, woods, an old 19th century well and even a fish pond.

Jaimie is the daughter of Tim and Joann.  She and Zac were married in 2004 while he was still in college.

Tim is a veteran of the United States Air Force and Zac is a veteran of the United States Army.

The homestead is off-grid with the exception of a single phone line that brings data service up the mountain.  They use a phone, router and DSL modem that are all powered by 2-250 watt panels made by Grape Solar. Additionally, they have solar power that feeds their aquaponics system in their green house. The houses have no electricity.  They have no outside running water. They have no sewer or plumbing other than what they have installed themselves.  Composting toilets and humanure stations are used for waste management. The houses are manufactured homes.


Animals on the homestead consist of sheep, a donkey, about 25 chickens and 10 guinea hens for tick control.  They also raise bluegill fish in 4 250 gallon fish tanks inside the greenhouse that contains the aquaponics system.


  1. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR TORAH TEACHINGS AND NOW THIS HOME STEADING . My wife kelly and i are really enjoying them and learning so much we both are very ready to do the same . SHALOM Joe

  2. I really like all the information you provide on the site! Thanks for all the great articles; they are very informative and fun to read!

  3. how did you find the land you selected to homestead?

    • A friend of ours told us about it. He knew the previous land owner and once we check it out, we loved it!

      • zachary you and your family are a blessing to me. I love the fact that mom and dad have same ideas. you all compliment each other. My husband wanted to move to mo for a slower pace of life living self sufficient. He sent me to search for a farm. I was able to fine a real nice farm perfect. I took videos . He would share them with everyone being very excited to movie to Mo. That never happened. He pasted away a couple years later of cancer. Just wandering what county or part of Mo you are in. Our farm is in peace valley Howell co. One of the best pieces of land with plenty of water Perfect for homesteading. May the Lord continue to bless you and others through you. Hope you will take a moment to send me a short e mail.

  4. Great job. Parallels many of our own goals and efforts. Looking forward to many more episodes!

  5. Hey my friend and are so into what you guys are doing and are looking to become self-sufficient organic organisms ourselves! We have some questions including: what was the process of obtaining your land in the ozarks? Did you have to deal with zoning regulations and if so what sort of questions did you ask those who regulate it? Also what is your health insurance situation or what do you do if someone gets seriously injured? Many more questions but that’s a start! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • Great questions. The land was acquired after a friend told us about it. We made and offer and the land owner agreed. There are no zoning regs here that we know of at all. We don’t have health insurance. We eat well and stay in shape. We live healthy lives and rely on our Faith in our Creator to keep us safe. We are not against medical treatment if an emergency would arrive but we prefer not to take part in the medical insurance industry.

      • What steps do you take if someone has a major injury and you don’t have health insurance or partake in the medical insurance industry? I’m wondering because our family is thinking about living without insurance but we need some inspiration to get over the bump of what to do in the case of a catastrophe?


        • Just to clarify. Zac and Tim utilize the VA. Joann has Medicare/Humana. Jaimie and the boys are without insurance. For little medical needs we have paid cash and negotiated with the doctor. The cash price at hospital is always less then what they charge an insurance company. Financial aid office at a hospital is also helpful to work out a payment plan. Thanks Tim

  6. Started watching your show last week and enjoy it very much. Love all the videos and info. Looking for info on the homes you had built but can’t seem to find any. Did I miss it somewhere?

    God bless…………

  7. hi, thank you and your family for the videos. they are very informative and inspiring. your homes are nice, I especially like the addition of the decks. and that outhouse is the most beautiful outhouse I’ve ever seen! even your animals have nice homes, that’s wonderful. every thing is done with such care.
    thanks again for the videos.

  8. I’m 58 years old—single gran’ma……fed up with the rat race of mortgage, job, etc. Can’t do much about it at this point—BUT— I am learning to garden organically in my little backyard—food storage, etc—emergency preparation….I’m calling my little patch an ‘urban homestead.’ I’m right in the middle of town….
    I really like your website and youtube videos. I’m learning things–mainly learning to not be timid about just plain TRYING to provide for myself. Currently trying to figure out how to make a portable green house function on my screened porch. 1st attempt—seedlings died. Prepping for 2nd attempt.
    Thank you. I appreciate your educational videos.

  9. HI, I wish I could go more organic. It is kind of funny, my family has always been “make do with what you have ” and using things like soda for cleaning or vinegar for washing windows and now later in life when I think I can afford more it is the most in thing to do what I have been all along.
    Are you growing your own herbs for medicine and maybe buying essential oils to keep healthy?
    If so, I would like to know more about some of your recipes on that subject. Thanks Keep up the good work and I really agree. Judy

  10. Hi, this comment doesn’t have anything to do with this specific post, but I had to leave this somewhere! 🙂
    I saw your deer feeder video, and had some thoughts.
    First, I have read that feeding deer corn is bad for their systems, since it differs from their normal diet. Second, I was wondering if you knew if the corn was GMO or not(especially if you’re going to eat it!).
    Please let me know what you think on the subject!

  11. Great videos—keep them coming!

    I’ve seen how much you & your mom can and know that you said your dad built shelves (where the heat/air units were) to store jars. Just wondering what are your plans for future storage as you can more and more—Would it be necessary to keep jars in a climate-controlled area? An outbuilding would not work because of cold winter temps, right?

  12. Jamie, Enjoy watching you living off the grid. Have just installed a summer shower using your advice. Bought the two and one half gallon size . Mix cold and hot water in a bucket and fill it using a funnel and pitcher. At 81 it was
    quite a project but it is hanging very nicely in the shower stall and is much more pleasant than the installed shower
    head that was continually stopped up minerals from very hard water. I use water run through my Seychelle
    pitchers. Am not entirely unfamiliar with living without any electricity or running water. Spent about six months back in the early sixty’s living on an island off the coast of Maine with two children under seven and a four month old baby. We lived in one room, no bathroom facilities and rinsed diapers in the ocean. Went ashore about every two weeks to do washings and grocery shopping. No Pampers, but some of the cleanest air and lobsters at least once a week. Know you probably would not have eaten the lobsters but you would have enjoyed the freedom. Really like your blogs and think you have chosen a better life style for you and your children. I am a proponent of the “one new man” and know it will usher in our Messiah’s Kingdom. Read my
    One New Man Bible and am getting to know Jewish Roots and Power. God Bless you all. Ruthie

  13. My husband and I are just starting our homestead adventures and I am so happy to have found your blog. What great tips, resources, advice, and viewpoints!
    I am curious about your composting toilets. We are wanting to compost human waste, but are finding that our country/state have strict regulations. Do you use a commercial compost toilet or a diy version?

  14. What counties in Missouri (Ozarks) do you recommend? My wife and I love the topography and foliage of your homestead. Not asking where you live. Just wondering what areas have a similar look and feel to them. Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience!

  15. Love this site. You guys have some awesome ideas, and I’m amazed at what you have going on. Thank you for providing the wealth of information. Im still working my way through the episodes. Have you guys considered keeping bees?

  16. Hi. I just love your shows. Are you going to do a t.v. Show, special! It would be fantastic. I want to ask what type of salt, pepper, etc do you put in your food. Is it only the one you make or are their others. I want to be a supporter. Do you have a mailing address I can have. Sincerely, Katrina

  17. What books would you recommend a beginner read?

  18. Awesome channel! Planning on doing the same up here in Canada… Question about your aquaponics… Is your greenhouse up and running in the winter, if so, how is it heated and what can you grow with the short light?

  19. Just finished watching Season 3-did I miss the episode where you put in the kitchen pump for Jaimie?

  20. Rick and Carol Schwartz

    Hi Zac,
    Can’t put into words how much you bless us. We have been Torah observant for almost 20 years. We get so excited when talking to others about Yah’ s commandments and Torah. We moved from the Rogers Arkansas area to just south of Topeka on 5 areas about 17 months ago. That is when we discovered your web sites. I have a small quilt I designed that I would be honored to send to you and your family. Is there a post office box
    I could send this to? Please let me know if that would be possible. Blessings,
    Rick and Carol Schwartz, Quenemo Kansas

  21. My husband and I love your videos! We are about to buy our homestead property in TN, and we’ve learned a lot from your experiences. We were wondering about your backgrounds, since you all bring different (and awesome) skill sets to your homestead. Tim is super handy and great with building/constructing… does he have a construction background? How did Zac develop such a green thumb? Did Joann and Jaimie cook as often before moving to the homestead? We both are bringing some basic skills to the table, with lots of room for learning! We look forward to it, but wonder how much experience you all had before making the move. Thanks for sharing your lives with us! God bless!

  22. Good to be off grid, however, I do not know where you are. I do not know about signing up for class to butcher meat. No phone number or email?

  23. Hi, we are on 40 acres on the little buffalo just outside parthenon, AR. Nearish to Jasper. We are mostly off off grid but still too reliant on technology. But we’re working on that, planning for the 18th century lifestyle that might be coming 😉 I imagine you are busier than we are… and we are pretty much just working here every day building our homestead. But if you ever find yourself anywhere nearby, you are more than welcome to come visit and enjoy the river with us sometime. We are still much too isolated regarding community. Most people around here are older than us, and we’re old….or they are completely clueless. One thing we are thinking about is adopting a young family. We have a lot to share, greenhouse, hoophouse, tools and equipment , experience, land, but they would need to be able to build and get set up on their own resources and that aint cheap these days. But we have no kids or family, and think maybe if we “adopt” the right family, we couldn leave our estate to them and perhaps have some support as we reach the end of our time on earth.. it’s a scary prospect to make that kind of commitment but God blessed us with this special bit of earth and brought us here for a reason….so I’m open to further grace. I’m saying this all here just to plant a seed in the aether as it were. Your grapevine I’m sure is greater than mine. Have a blessed day.

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