Jaimie lives with her husband on their off-grid homestead known online as An American Homestead. They live with their two sons and her parents Tim and Joann on 50 acres located deep in the American Ozark Mountains.

11 Things that are Possible Because of Electricity

Could you make a healthy meal for your family using nothing out of the refrigerator?  Could you fix your hair without your hair dryer?  Have you ever looked around your house and wondered what things you have or do because electricity exists?  How would your life change if you didn’t …

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Off Grid Living: A Woman’s Perspective

These are my hiking boots.  I’ve worn them most every day for almost two years.  They were brand new when we moved off grid and now they are pretty worn.  Previously I had only worn hiking boots a few times in my life and I’ve certainly never worn any out.  …

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Broken Bridge Leaves Community Stranded

I grew up on a mission center called Ukarumpa in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.  There is one road in and out of this community of people, which by our standards would be considered a small town in the country.  It is home to around 600 people.  Anyone traveling …

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10 Tips for Canning Over a Wood Fire

I guess wood fire canning is pretty uncommon these days, but we decided to try.  Like everything else on our homestead, we try and we learn!  We are choosing to use a fire (instead of our propane stove) for a few reasons.  We’re trying to learn to be self-sufficient.  Propane …

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