The Battle of Hornworms in the Garden – VIDEO

After 5 years of gardening, this is the first year we have had such a large issue of devastating hornworms eating our tomato plants. We have had them before but never in these numbers. Each evening I go out to the garden and kill about a dozen more. These little creatures can completely destroy a tomato plant in one day if the conditions are right.

So like in years past, I was paying attention to any damage that I noticed.

Now, you can pick these worms off by hand and put them in a bucket and feed them to your chickens who will happily gobble them up. But I don’t like picking these squishy worms off my plants when I could be blowing them off the plant. C’mon, lets be honest, whenever I can get some trigger time, I take it. And this attack of hornworms over all my tomatoes gave me a perfect excuse to have some fun.

So how do you deal with your tomato hornworm problems each summer? If you decide you want to give my method a try, leave a comment below. A small Daisy Buck BB gun will only set you back less than $20 at your local ChinaMart.


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Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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