Better Garden Soil With Coffee Grounds

It’s a garden soil additive that is often overlooked as an explosive and helpful soil builder. Coffee grounds! The coffee bean is amazingly nutrient rich and packed full of energy. People the world over drink it daily and believe it or not, throw those used beans away when they are done without thinking about any future potential.

Today, we are going to encourage you to turn one man’s trash into a garden treasure that will bring huge growth potential to your soil. If you are a coffee drinker, don’t even think about throwing those used grounds away. If you don’t drink coffee, give a bucket to all your friends who do drink coffee and ask them to save their grounds.

Garden Soil

The end result of your hard earned savings will be a fertile soil that produces reliably every year. Your garden soil will be a metropolis of micro-biology with happy little microbes and mycelium working together to produce healthy veggies for your family.

It’s no secret to experienced gardeners that worms love coffee. It sends them into a sexual overdrive that will surprise you with their reproduction abilities. More worms means more worm poop (castings) and that is one of the best ingredients for fertile soil. People pay a lot of money for worm castings at their local organic gardening centers. But why pay for something that you can make on your own. Simply save your coffee grounds!

Think of your worms inside your garden soil as thousands of tiny gardeners constantly tending the dirt and working it over. Workers like a cup of energy packed coffee. Why would your worms be any different?

Garden Soil Benefits Of Adding Coffee Grounds

Below are some of the most amazing benefits of adding coffee grounds to your garden soil.

  • Increased Plant Yields
  • Increased Worm Activity
  • Increased Mycelium Growth

The last benefit will also mean an additional food source produced by your garden. Mycelium growth will drastically increase with added coffee grounds in the soil. Some of the world most experienced mushroom growers add coffee grounds to their growing mediums. They know that coffee is packed full of nutrition that produces the biggest mushrooms.

Wine cap mushrooms are an easy garden grower and will see amazing benefits with added coffee grounds to your soil. And that means an additional food source produced by your garden every spring and fall!

So be sure to save those coffee grounds and encourage your friends to do the same!


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