Cancer Hits The Homestead

Recently, somebody in our family very dear to us was diagnosed with cancer. I’m not sharing who that person is just yet because they haven’t made that public. That word, cancer, has devastating emotions usually accompanied with it.

One of the reasons we chose to live off grid was to get away from the ease of eating so many of the processed foods that you easily find in more populated areas. When you have to drive 30 minutes to even find a gas station, going out to eat doesn’t happen so often. Instead, you learn to cook and that means healthier eating.

We wanted to live on land that would allow us to grow a lot of our own food and eat fresh greens from our own garden. We wanted to raise our own meat and get away from commercialized farming that raise animals in horrible conditions and feed them who knows what as a daily diet. Living on the homestead has allowed us to do those things while at the same time give us a healthier lifestyle where exercise happens often and fresh mountain and forest air is abundant.
Paul Nison, a friend of mine who has dedicated much of his life learning about health has made us aware of a documentary series called, The Truth About Cancer.

I grew up in Saint Louis and every year in high school, some friends and I walked the Susan G Komen march downtown to help cure cancer. But I’m not so sure the medical industry really wants to cure cancer. This part of the medical industry earns billions of dollars when treating this disease and to find a cure at this point would put millions out of work. Literally!

So what is the answer? What is causing this horrible disease among so many people today? And what could be a better way of treating and preventing it?
I hope you will take the time to watch this remarkable documentary series called, The Truth About Cancer. This could literally change your life and the life of a loved one.

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About Zachary Bauer

Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. Zach my wife and I finally moved out of Illinois and are also living in Arkansas we are striving for the same ad you and your family I look forward to watching the documentary. Thank you for sharing with us . It is much appreciated

  2. Long time reader and first time commenter;
    Lost my wife to Cancer 13 years ago, I pray you do well.
    I will tell you; I truly believe there IS a cure for Cancer, not only in a good ‘Lifestyle’ but a clinical cure.
    BUT why would the .gov and the industry allow it? And yes I’m cynical to both. I believe they (.gov) has come to the conclusion that the public long outlive their usefulness right around retirement age, amazingly most illness and cancers kill right about the same age, So if they allow this killer to continue all the dependent’s on the .gov and the “system” go away as soon as that person dies. A FACT, SS pays $250 of a lifetime collections (sometimes tens of thousands of $$$) from a working person, they keep the rest. Cancer is HUGE Money for the .gov AND the medical industry, do you really trust either? .……. Need I say more?

    • I totally agree!

      • Bless you Zach, Jaime and family. May God give you strength, peace, laughter, beautiful moments, and His healing. I know the pain….walked in those shoes.

      • First time reader here! Immediately when I saw the title of this post, I thought “I must tell them about the great book I read “The Truth About Cancer.” Then I read you comments about their documentary and I was relieved you already knew the important info. Also, in fighting any inflammatory condition, a grain-free and sugar-free way of eating is always recommended to reduce insulin spikes and stop feeding cancer cells. Best of luck in this battle, and Gid Bless.

  3. Hello to everyone at the Bauer Homestead and followers. Sad to agree that living in the city is a challenge when trying to follow our Heavenly Father’s rules and advise. Happy to say my family is “awake” and among other things , practices clean eating, stays away from GMOs and the medical cabal. Earlier this year my 72 yo Madresita was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily it was caught at the early stage 1. Her doctors were eager to give her the only alternative of chemo and breast removal. Needless to say our entire experience with U.S. doctors was a nightmare We were blessed to be recommended to a natural healing clinic in Monterey, Mexico and happy to report my Madresita has cancer no more. It only took one month of cleansing, eating vegan, lots rest & meditation, bathing in hot springs and all under a hollistic doctor’s supervision. I researched into that option here in U.S. but it is actually illegal. My 2 best options where the Gerson clinic and the Sanatorio Canoa, both in Mexico. My Madresita decided to go to Monterey being it was closer to Texas where she lives and the cost was a little more reasonable. What we learned from this experience is that our Heavely Father made us with a system that can heal naturally if we allow it by following His laws. I sincerely hope that this dear person whom you love gets the attention he/she needs soon and that our Heavenly Father will bring healing and blessings. Shalom

  4. Eight months after moving onto 42 acres totally off grid my husband became a chronic Leukemia patient with several other medical issues. This is our last farm the homestead of dreams. He tried to die on several occasions and became ill (prior to this a healthy individual) at 62 years . Eight years later we are still here and his health is fragile but we do what we can and wouldn’t be anywhere else. God bless you all .

  5. My PRAYERS go out to you and your family, and especially for your loved one diagnosed with cancer.

    We CAN live way longer even with cancer, than with its treatments. My BLESSED LIFE summarized below, is living proof, that GOD can make us strong, even in our weakness, and CAN even extend our life and BLESS it way beyond all we can even think or ever imagine!

    God-willing, HOPE and MIRACLES will BLESS you and your readers who are affected by a loved one with cancer.

    Today, I am a VERY BLESSED daughter, sister, mother of 2 son’s, 2 granddaughters, and 2 grandsons. I was BLESSED to be married and to have my own family!

    Now 65, I am again BLESSED to be learning a whole new life of HOMESTEADING!!!


    I want to Give GLORY TO GOD with great THANKSGIVING for the so-far extra 40 years of life with which HE has BLESSED me — AFTER my personal terminal inflammatory cancer diagnosis.

    I am eternally GRATEFUL to my MOM for all her PRAYERS and for her calling every person and church she knew to join in praying for me to be healed. There is POWER in the joined together prayers of many people.

    Yes, cancer came back time and time again, but…. PRAYER – GRATITUDE – JOY – LOVING GOD, and LOVING MY COMMUNITY KEPT ME FOCUSED on the fact that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD. GOD has done the humanly impossible for me over and over – HEALED, OPENED DOORS, PROTECTED, PROVIDED, ENCOURAGED, AND KEPT ME DREAMING, ASPIRING, AND ACHIEVING what people said could not be done. CANCER is terribly painful when it comes back, but when we seek GOD, HE comes near to us and HELPS US through, and in my case, GRATEFULLY to new experiences and special BLESSINGS.

    In all these BLESSINGS of 40+ extra years, I enjoyed multiple life careers and professions and avocations:

    … of working in research, design, test, and development of the 38 SSRCT Space Shuttle Reaction Control Thrusters which “talked to” the 5 online computers of the Space Shuttle; I had been doing scientific computer programming and data analysis.

    Then GOD BLESSED me to become a financial computer service bureau business computer programmer. This wonderful company trained me in 9 different computer programming languages, while earning the dream of my life — my Private Pilot’s License in the early morning hours before work.

    Air-racing experience was another BLESSING from GOD. I won 2nd place in the “Big Fresno 400+ Mile Air Race” as navigator when i was still a student pilot.

    Seaplanes: 2 years later I had earned my Seaplane Rating, and could go fishing off the side of a pontoon plane! I volunterred in Search-and-Rescue, and Community Aerospace Education in the Civil Air Patrol (a civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force). One of the highlights was that our squadron had located the downed aircraft of 4 young Japanese students related to officials in their government, who had survived by eating snow for 4 days. Saving their lives helped improve American- Japanese governmental relations.

    THANK YOU GOD, for BLESSING me with membership in Amelia Earhart’s “99’s International Organization of Women Pilots,” the California Association of Aerospace Education, and multiple aerospace and survival cross-trainings through NASA, Civil Air Patrol, US Air Force, Marines, and Army.

    A few years later, I was co-leading the department of the computer service bureau I worked for, and was earning more than my boss, so I could not rationally ask for a raise. I had given my best to the company and stayed on in gratitude for the training.

    In proper time, GOD helped me start my own non-competetive computer service bureau company in a different genre.

    Working for myself, I was BLESSED with the freedom and ability to get back into aerospace and science education. I am GRATEFUL that GOD opened doors to me in NASA. Our of 3,000+ candidates, I was 1 of 16 chosen to participate in NASA’s “Space-Down-to-Earth” training.

    My personal experience 40 years ago in 1978, with what was supposed to be terminal inflammatory metastasized breast cancer, with a 2-weeks-left-to-live diagnosis without surgery but a 6-month life extension prognosis with radical bilateral mastectomy and lymphectomy was a FALSE PROGNOSIS from the thoracic surgeon, even though it was confirmed by 2nd and 3rd independent opinions.

    GOD who loves us, created us, wants a living walk fellowship with us, Is far GREATER than any form of cancer.


    PRAYER, PRAISE, GRATITUDE, SCRIPTURE, FAITH COMMUNITY, RAW WHOLE DANDELIONS WITH THE FLOWERS, GREEN TEA, 4 Glasses of Pure WATER upon rising every morning, 1 teaspoon FLAX SEED OIL, WATER with LEMON JUICE BUT NO SUGAR many times through the day, WATER with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR many times through the day, SLEEP when the sun goes down, SLEEP OUTSIDE in the back yard in a tent to get fresher air to breathe (in colder weather sleep inside 2 or 3 nested sleeping bags with a hot water bottle) BREATHE DEEPLY till your belly inflates – 10 deep breaths and releasing them out very slowly once every hour or two throughout the day, WALKING A DOG in incrementally longer stretches of time, STRETCHING, DRINKING 1/4th cup of E-S-S-I-A-C TEA at waking up, and at 1 hour before lunch and at 1 hour before going to bed, Making Breakfasts 1 Hour after first drinking ESSIAC Tea, Eating healthy fats and proteins in the mornings to have all day to burn off, to not eat any protein at night (because it damages the mitochondria of the cells which invites free radicals to do damage to the cells), not eat anything 3 – to – 5 hours before going to bed, Eating a lot of asparagus, avoiding most milk products except yogurt, taking a multi-enzyme 30 minutes before each meal, taking no more than 2 drops of Lugol’s Solution (potassium iodine & potassium iodide) in water in the morning each day at onset of cancer recurring symptoms, and then backing off when better to 1 drop in water or drink every other day. Eating 1 or 2 apples with the skin each day, Eating 1 avocado each day, Eating 1 onion & 2 tomatoes fried together in raw unrefined coconut oil each day, 1 cooked healthy free-run grass-fed foul chicken/duck egg every other day (duck eggs have more goid healthy omega-3);

    and all of these things have been free or low-cost ways GOD has helped me turn my health around for the better and keep it strong.

    Today, I feel better at 65 than i did at 35. My first allegedly “terminal cancer” was diagnosed at age 25.


    A VERY GRATEFUL “Grandma Kathy”

  6. Kathryn of Clovis & Riverdale,

    Cancer, even alleged “terminal cancer” diagnosed by 1 primary doctor + 3 extra independent medical oncologist opinions, can turn out to be false.

    I am so GRATEFUL and so BLESSED 40+ years after my “terminal inflammatory breast cancer” and later diagnosed ovarian cancer, to still be here on this beautiful earth, as a new homesteads today, feeling healthier at age 65 than I did at 24 years old when I was first diagnosed.

    I give all GLORY, CREDIT, GRATITUDE, and THANKSGIVING to GOD, for bringing me through time and time again.

    GOD used many factors yo bring me through and bounce me back up to health each time.

    In short, the more natural I live, the healthier I became.

    If the food does not “have a face or a mother,” and it is raw, and it is very low in sugar, and especially if it is a bitter herb (like dandelion salad, flowers, tea), then it is healthier to eat, has a shorter transit time through the digestive tract, and may even be a cleansing healing food.

    Mornings upon first waking up: 4 tall glasses of Pure WATER to flush out all the body’s toxins from the day before. Followed by 1/4th cup ESSIAC TEA 1 hour before breakfast and lunch. At breakfast, 1 avocado, 1 apple, fried together: 1 tablespoon of coconut oil + 1 medium round yellow onion, + 1 large or 2 small tomatoes + 1 chopped clove of garlic, liberally-sprinkled turmeric, pepper, ginger, cinnamon. Sometimes this is powerful enough to get me through all day. 1/4th cup ESSIAC TEA AT 6 am, 11am, 4 pm, 9pm. NO FOOD AFTER SUN SETS. NO FOOD 3-5 HOURS BEFORE BEDTIME.
    Cancers are encouraged by late eating (especially proteins).

    When i stick to this, I feel so much better.

    Praying for you, your loved one, and every one here affected by cancer.

  7. AT 25 in 1978, I was single and diagnosed with “terminal inflammatory breast cancer” and only 2 weeks left to live.

    i said “No” to my thoracic surgeon, my Mother, her friends, and many churches prayed.

    40 years later, now 65, I have been Blessed with careers, been married, had children, grandchildren, and give GOD all the PRAISE, THANKSGIVING, and GLORY.

  8. I feel compelled to tell you, please watch the documentary “Forks over knives”. Look up Dr. John McDougall, and (with Dr. Gregor) on youtube. Also, purchase the book “How not to Die”. I am praying for you. God bless.

  9. Did you ck you’re radon gas levels?
    We live on a ridge near the Shenandoah’s and the house we brought on 50 acres surrounded by woods was very very high in radon gas.

  10. Zac,

    For cancer treatment…Chipsa Hospital, Mexico ….the Garson miracle,the movie, they have a hospital in Mexico.
    It’s worth researching


  11. Provi and Nick Rodriguez

    My prayers are with you and your loved one, my husband also! We love your programs and I personally have learned a lot from Jamie. May our Blessed Lord be with all of you now and always! Love you all!

  12. I absolutely love The Truth about Cancer documentaries. It was the starting point for me to “clean up” our lives as far as what we eat and toxins in our environment. Prayers for your family! I recently found your blog and I am really enjoying it!

  13. I pray for you and your family during this stressful and trying time. Cancer does have a way of creating havoc within families. A sense of humor and strong positive thinking brought us 4 extra years with my dad.

    I just came across your programs and find them amazing and full of information. I love the cooking videos with Jamie.

    God Bless.

  14. I recently watch a video about a Dr in Houston that had shown positive results in stopping/curing cancer without chemo that has been recognized to work but no approved drug status has been given. It was an interesting watch:

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