Family Life

Rifles For Sale In Fort Smith

PICK UP ONLY! ITEMS WILL BE MARKED SOLD IF THEY ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE – ONLY RESIDENTS OF ARKANSAS These rifles are from a personal collection of a friend who lives in Fort Smith. An elderly widow contacted me about helping her sell her father’s rifles and some guns that …

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Trout Fishing At Rockbridge, Missouri

Rockbridge Missouri

Trout fishing at Rockbridge, Missouri has been an Ozark activity that I have loved doing since I was a young man. And today I enjoy taking my family there and pulling some nice sized fish out of their private stream. They will process the fish, fillet and then freeze them …

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Single Dad Teaches Homeschool Math

home school multiplication tables

Multiplication tables memorization and math in general can instill fear in many home school parents. And I totally get it because I was not a good math student all throughout high school and college. I hated math and went to great lengths to only do the bare minimum in order …

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My OMAD Journey and Losing 50 Pounds

OMAD testimony

It was my wife that got me started on OMAD. I thought it was just another crazy weight loss program that she would eventually get frustrated with and give up on. I think most people give up on weight loss programs because they don’t have the will power to keep …

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Our Fight With Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Jaimie Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma is mostly known as a slow growing skin cancer that can usually be treated with positive results. In the form of oral cancer it is more dangerous but if caught early, can still result in a positive outcome. Only about 5-10% of oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma is …

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A Woman And Her Homestead

woman living off grid

Women who live off grid can give an amazing perspective to others who are interested in this lifestyle. How does an off grid homestead woman start her day? Jaimie takes you through her morning and starts a new day! This was a video we recorded back in October and had …

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Our Homeschool Curriculum – What We Use

off grid homeschool

This is a 2 part series on what we use for our homeschool curriculum on the homestead. This is one of the most asked questions from viewers when we are asked about our homeschooling activities. So we felt a video was needed. You will see very quickly that we do …

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Cancer Hits The Homestead

Cancer Awareness 2019

Recently, somebody in our family very dear to us was diagnosed with cancer. I’m not sharing who that person is just yet because they haven’t made that public. That word, cancer, has devastating emotions usually accompanied with it. One of the reasons we chose to live off grid was to …

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