Family Life

Last Week On The Homestead


Last week on the homestead, we had about 100 guests come out and enjoy a biblical fall feast called the feast of tabernacles. There was lots of food and fun and education going on all week long! We cooked pizzas in the brick oven, canned beans in the off grid …

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Chickens Eat Corn, I Dig The Sweet Potatoes!


What’s it like here on An American Homestead? This is how we spend our summer days. With fall quickly approaching and the harvest almost complete, we take you on a video adventure to show life on the modern off grid homestead. Jaimie is busy cooking in the off grid kitchen …

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Did the First American Homesteaders Have Stress?


It was “Kid’s Night” at the fair last summer.  Joshua, my oldest, had written the date on the calendar after reading about it in the newspaper two weeks earlier.  He was looking forward to it so much!  Me?  Not nearly so much.  I had already had a very full day. …

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My Life as a Homeschooling, Homesteading Mom


“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius I’m a self-proclaimed homebody.  I used to feel the need to apologize for it because I have felt judged at times for not having the desire to get out more.  But …

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Lazy Days of Summer? Think again…

Summer was not always the lazy, vacation-filled season that we now see it as.  When we think of summer today, we think of long hot days of laying by the pool with the kids while they splash away their summer break.  The family road trips to expensive amusement parks or …

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Why We Should Never Say “I Could Never…”


Have you ever found yourself using this phrase? “I could never…” Fill in the blank for yourself. We have all said it, but have we stopped to think about what it really means? I’ll share with you one of my very adamant “I could nevers”. I could never get up …

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