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Off Grid Living: A Woman’s Perspective

These are my hiking boots.  I’ve worn them most every day for almost two years.  They were brand new when we moved off grid and now they are pretty worn.  Previously I had only worn hiking boots a few times in my life and I’ve certainly never worn any out.  …

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Broken Bridge Leaves Community Stranded

I grew up on a mission center called Ukarumpa in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.  There is one road in and out of this community of people, which by our standards would be considered a small town in the country.  It is home to around 600 people.  Anyone traveling …

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The General Store: The Original Walmart

What did American homesteaders living over a century ago buy when they made their trips to town for groceries and supplies?  I started thinking about this as I unloaded the bed of our truck, after our monthly shopping trip last week.  What did they take out of their wagons?  What …

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Homeschooling on the Farm

I often think about how people lived on family farms over a century ago.  I think about this when it comes to homeschooling too.  People had large families for a good reason.  They needed their children to help with the farm!  Where did school fit into that?  From what I …

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Is the Simple Life Really That Simple?

If you ask most people, I bet they would agree that they would like to simplify their lives.  But what does that really mean?  It definitely means different things for different people.  Several years ago, I read a lot of books about how the Amish live.  I was enthralled.  They …

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Life Without TV

There has been a lot written about TV.  As a culture, we are completely addicted to it.  I didn’t watch a lot of it when I was a kid.  We had a VCR, but the TV was not connected to broadcast television.  As a young adult, I watched it on …

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