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In the Kitchen

Grocery Shopping Once a Month

We hear about people raiding dumpsters to be able to eat during extended power outages and disasters.  It makes me think that many people do not shop anymore or only buy enough for a few meals and eat out the rest of the time.  Could you do all your grocery …

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Making Colloidal Silver

Our family uses Colloidal Silver for many things.  I have found it so effective that I keep coming back to it again and again.  It works against viruses, pathogens, fungus and bacteria.  Personally, I have used it to cure ear infections, eye infections, seasonal allergies (sneezing and itchy/watery eyes), colds …

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Baked Pancakes

We love pancakes at our house!  But making them in the morning can be kind of time consuming while standing over the stove pouring and flipping.  I usually have a very hungry toddler pulling on me to be fed right now.  Yes, I mean NOW!  If he is not fed …

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Kitchen Appliances, Who Needs Them?

Do you know how many electrical appliances you have in your kitchen?  When I lived in an electric house, I couldn’t believe all the things that I needed to plug in.  How could my kitchen function in a “power grid goes down” emergency?  I would have a very hard time.  …

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Cold Brew Coffee

Like everything else in my life, I like my coffee to be simple.  I usually have it black.  When I want to splurge a little bit, I like it with cream and sugar (especially if it’s cold).  I buy my grounds in the big can from a discount store.  I …

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