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Coffee with Maple Sap – So Good!

Maple Sap Coffee

The best cup of coffee in the world that you can make at home uses fresh grounds and maple sap fresh from the tree at harvest time. It’s so delicious! If you have a maple tree in your yard, you own it to yourself to tap it when the sap …

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Frozen Off Grid

Frozen Off Grid homestead

When you get through this, AND YOU WILL! You will be more experienced, more confident and you will be a better homesteader. Overcoming challenges in life is what helps to make us better people. Embrace the suck!

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I Deleted 140,000+ Facebook Followers!

Deleted Facebook Followers

Once upon a time, participation in Facebook was good for business. And in many cases it still is good for business as long as you’re approved by the pink haired nose ringed Karens sitting behind computers at the FB headquarters. Holistic practices, homeschool curriculum retailers, firearm retailers and even homesteaders …

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Facebook Meme Review

facebook meme review

We have this weeks hottest facebook memes and some of them of course are homestead related. But the way any particular meme works its way into the review is that it has to make me laugh. So check out the video and see what made me laugh this week.

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How You Become MEME Gold Overnight – Saint Louis Lawyers


Mark and Patricia McCloskey, residents of the Central West End neighborhood in Saint Louis repel trespassers with firearms. And overnight they have become the new vein for Meme Gold miners everywhere. Homesteading in a rural low population area has the major benefit of avoiding finding ourselves in some uncontrollable mob …

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They Want Me To Shave My Beard!

Shave My Beard

We get a whole lot of comments on our videos. We do various videos on livestock, chickens, my beard, raccoons and other predators. Here are some of the more interesting coments we’ve gotten on my videos. If you have any interesting comments you would like to share post them below. …

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How Much Land For My Homestead?


We get asked all the time about how much land should a person get for their homestead. Like most questions, the answer depends on what your goals are. Do you want to live off grid? Do you want livestock? Do you want to harvest timber? Are you going to grow …

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