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How You Become MEME Gold Overnight – Saint Louis Lawyers


Mark and Patricia McCloskey, residents of the Central West End neighborhood in Saint Louis repel trespassers with firearms. And overnight they have become the new vein for Meme Gold miners everywhere. Homesteading in a rural low population area has the major benefit of avoiding finding ourselves in some uncontrollable mob …

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They Want Me To Shave My Beard!

Shave My Beard

We get a whole lot of comments on our videos. We do various videos on livestock, chickens, my beard, raccoons and other predators. Here are some of the more interesting coments we’ve gotten on my videos. If you have any interesting comments you would like to share post them below. …

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How Much Land For My Homestead?


We get asked all the time about how much land should a person get for their homestead. Like most questions, the answer depends on what your goals are. Do you want to live off grid? Do you want livestock? Do you want to harvest timber? Are you going to grow …

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No Homestead For You!


I’m walking around today on the back side of our mountain and looking around for deer antlers. I didn’t find any but any walk through my woods is an enjoyable one…especially in the fall and winter. Take a real hard look at becoming a homesteader before you actually become one. …

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You Won’t Starve This Winter – PLANT THIS!


Here is a plant that will make you a successful gardener GUARANTEED! The Sunchoke or what is sometimes called the Jerusalem Artichoke will always produce year after year for your family. Once you plant it, you can count on it coming back each year and always giving you food for …

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Never Pay A Butcher Again!


Never Pay For A Butcher Again! Processing your own meat takes a little practice but its a big money saver. We are back at our friends homestead and helping them fill the freezer! It took 3 guys less than 4 hours to completely butcher this cow. All 3 men doing …

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How To Beat The Zika Virus Off Grid


The national news media is loaded with stories on how the zika virus is coming to North America. What can we do to protect ourselves and family from the Zika virus and other viruses like West Nile? The Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by Aedes …

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