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You Won’t Starve This Winter – PLANT THIS!


Here is a plant that will make you a successful gardener GUARANTEED! The Sunchoke or what is sometimes called the Jerusalem Artichoke will always produce year after year for your family. Once you plant it, you can count on it coming back each year and always giving you food for …

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Never Pay A Butcher Again!


Never Pay For A Butcher Again! Processing your own meat takes a little practice but its a big money saver. We are back at our friends homestead and helping them fill the freezer! It took 3 guys less than 4 hours to completely butcher this cow. All 3 men doing …

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How To Beat The Zika Virus Off Grid


The national news media is loaded with stories on how the zika virus is coming to North America. What can we do to protect ourselves and family from the Zika virus and other viruses like West Nile? The Zika virus disease is caused by a virus transmitted primarily by Aedes …

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What To Look For When Building A Homestead


What are some of the things to look for when building a homestead? We get this question a lot and there are some definite things one should pay attention to when looking for land. And there are some hard questions one should ask before buying and building a homestead.  

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Making Maple Syrup ~ Sap is running!


Cottage Craft Works: It’s almost February and the sap is flowing. We have temps running now into the mid to upper 40’s during the day and 20’s at night. The Ozarks maple season is short and so you have to be ready to jump when it comes. So here …

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Tasting Our Smoked Venison Salami


We visited another homestead called Shalom Acres and they make some great hard salami with all of the animals they raise. Grass fed beef, sheep and harvested deer. Amazing! Throw in some homemade wine and raw cheese and you have some wonderful fruits of labor. Here is their website:

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