Off Grid Home

A Clean House Makes Mama Happy!

My family moved to the country for a simpler life.  We wanted a small house and less things.  That excited me!  I wanted the inside of my home to feel simple and peaceful.  I didn’t want to see clutter because to me that is not simple and definitely not peaceful.  …

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Off Grid Lighting

When people hear that my family lives without electricity, their first question is usually: Well, what do you do for light?  After a year and a half of living without light bulbs, lamps, and light switches, I have to say that going non-electric with lighting is one of the easiest …

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Cleaning House with a Bar of Soap?

I guess this is probably most women’s least favorite task.  And everyone usually has their favorite tools for getting the job done.  I guess this is why I have been asked on more than one occasion how I keep my house clean without electricity.  Living in a small house with …

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