The USDA WANTS My FARM Information!

farm census NASS

The USDA is sending out NASS census forms for any farm or ranch that makes over $1000 on products that they raise or grow. Is that you? The USDA wants your information. They have been doing this census for decades and that part is not concerning. What IS concerning is …

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PAWPAW Fruit From The Ozarks – Taste Test

finding pawpaw fruit

If you ever want to harvest pawpaw fruit the time to remember is mid September in the Ozarks. Our local creek has a pretty good sized pawpaw patch and the fruit was perfect to pick and take home yesterday. So I got about 20 good sized fruit specimens for a …

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Simple Trick For Harvesting Blackberries Every Year!

harvesting blackberries

Harvesting blackberries is a favorite summertime activity for many gardeners. The goal with every grower is to get as much healthy produce from your effort as possible each growing season. Growing huge amounts of blackberries can be very simple if you follow the simple trick of snipping off the ends …

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The Illegal Fishing Plant – Mullein

Mullein Fishing Seeds

The common mullein plant grows all over the world. It’s known by many names even in just the English speaking world. The primary reason it’s so famous is because of the plant is highly medicinal. There are just a so many ailments that people claim this plant helps. It’s like …

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Your Farm Or Homestead May Need This

farm fuel

Once you make the move out of urban or suburban America and get some land for your farm or homestead, having your own fuel depot is a good idea. A homestead or farm fuel depot is a great way to organize multiple fuels into an easy to access location. A …

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Bee Removal To Be Illegal In Texas


Bee removal is a common practice for many bee owners. Well, it’s about to become illegal in Texas if an Irving lawmaker has her way. When a local bee keeper gets a call concerning a swarm or hive in a nearby residence or tree, they load up and ride to …

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10 Smokehouse Ideas For Your Backyard

Best Smokehouse Plans

These smokehouse ideas for your backyard (DOWNLOAD PLANS HERE) will open up endless fine dining possibilities for your family. Smoked meat is tradition that goes back thousands of years as a way to preserve a harvest that normally took place each fall, winter and early spring. The saved meat would …

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Better Garden Soil With Coffee Grounds

Garden Soil Coffee Grounds

It’s a garden soil additive that is often overlooked as an explosive and helpful soil builder. Coffee grounds! The coffee bean is amazingly nutrient rich and packed full of energy. People the world over drink it daily and believe it or not, throw those used beans away when they are …

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Huge Reishi Mushrooms On Persimmon Stump

reishi mushrooms

Today I found some amazingly large Reishi mushrooms growing IN MY GARDEN! They were huge but disappointingly old and probably beyond using for medicine. But it was exciting still to find them growing so close to home in my garden. I have looked long and hard for these on the …

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