A Rifle Made For War

Enfield Rifle Video

Until this point I had never held an American Enfield rifle but I knew from enough pictures I’d seen that this one was a bit different. The stock was not the same as the Enfield rifles I’ve seen. After doing some research, I noticed that the serial number put this …

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Streak Tracer Ammo – Range Time

streak tracer ammo

A recent trip to Bass Pro in Springfield, MO found me bringing home a box of Streak tracer or visual ammunition.  It’s a tracer alternative that is safer and cheaper. As someone who went through a lot of tracer ammo in the military, I can assure you its fun to …

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Sorghum or Honey for NATURAL Sugar?

Sorghum Or Honey

Bee Keeping, sometimes called apiculture is popular in homesteading circles. People want a way to produce their own natural sugars and honey is a product that is sold in every grocery store. Because of the popularity of this product in our culture, it’s natural to think that this is a …

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3 Favorite Garden Veggies To EAT RAW!

Garden Veggies

One of the best reasons to grow your own garden is to that you get to eat out of it! We love all of the foods our garden produces and the amazing flavors we get to experience. It’s just so amazing to us that you can put a seed in …

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The Top 5 Heirloom Seeds Companies

Top 5 Heirloom Seeds Companies

More and more gardeners are turning to small family owned businesses to purchase heirloom variety seeds. Giant companies such as Burbee claim they do not and have never sold GMO seeds. But they do admit to purchasing a certain amount of their seeds from a Monsanto subsidiary named Seminis. The …

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The Battle of Hornworms in the Garden – VIDEO

Getting Rid Of Hornworms

After 5 years of gardening, this is the first year we have had such a large issue of devastating hornworms eating our tomato plants. We have had them before but never in these numbers. Each evening I go out to the garden and kill about a dozen more. These little …

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How To Eliminate Ticks To Prevent Lyme Disease From Your Land

Lyme Disease

Tick born diseases are on the rise in America. Are you looking for a guaranteed chemical free way to completely eliminate ticks from your land? Are you scared of the increasing regularity of tick borne diseases being diagnosed by government health organizations and medical institutions? The purpose of this article …

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P-64 Makarov Backup Gun

P-64 backup

I got my first SQUIB! This has been my backup carry pistol for about 10 years now. It has seen a lot of use over the building of this homestead and off grid living. I have never had a malfunction until the recording of this video. But I think it’s …

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Ducks For Pest Control – It Works!


When it comes to growing sustainable gardens and agriculture products, the goal should be to limit harmful chemical herbicides or pesticides that will eventually render your soil useless. Many people are turning to natural defense and offesive ways to combat pests and plant predators. Meet the Indian Runner Ducks of …

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Homestead Mountain Squash


We call it the Ozark Mountain Potato. It is actually a cross of a pumpkin developed by my friend Travis Hughey in South Carolina. I’m not sure of it’s exact origins but we have been growing it here on our off grid homestead for the last few years with great …

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