Keep Deer Out Of Your Garden!


Here is a great easy way to keep deer out of your garden and it’s so simple! It’s plastic bags! We’ve been doing it for years now and it works. Deer are skidish creatures and they don’t like surprises. Notice how they are always looking around and on the alert. …

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Bring In The Deer This Hunting Season!


Hunting season is coming soon and I want to help you get the most our of your season that you can get. The best most effective way to bring in deer is to bait them. You go fishing, you bring bait. When you go hunting, bring bait! Some states do …

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The Most AMAZING Garden Veggie EVER!


Get ready for the most explosive growth you have ever seen from a vegetable in your garden!  This year, plan on making your garden a huge success with the planting of the Achocha cucumbers from An American Homestead. This little cucumber is called the Fat Baby or Achocha Cucumber (Cyclanthera …

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Strawberries in the Gutter!


I love the idea of non-traditional growing techniques. Especially the ones that prove themselves to work! Our homestead has tried lots of methods to grow food and some work better than others. But how are you going to find out what works best if you don’t try? There has been …

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Homestead Dreamin’

Are you homestead dreamin’? Then this post is for you! My family dreamed of our homestead long before we had one. We used to say things like, “We can’t wait to plant our own tomato garden.” “It will be so great when we can hunt on our own property.” “The …

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Get Rid Of Ticks – Guaranteed!


Living on a homestead deep in the Ozark Mountains, the subject of ticks and chiggers can often be a daily topic. These pests can make your life miserable and even be life threatening. That’s why we are serious about eliminating them on An American Homestead. Ticks are dangerous as they …

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Morel Mushroom Hunt 2015


We love Morels and look forward every year to mushroom hunting time! Morel mushrooms are truly a seasonal food because they only grow in the wild. Morel spawning kits are available, but most people who have tried them will tell you that they don’t work. They are impossible to cultivate, …

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My 5 Favorite Ways to Help Your Garden Grow!


Spring is here and the last frost date is finally past!  While that doesn’t mean that we won’t see one last frost, it’s a good bet that the all clear sign has been given and that means its time to start planting. We are excited to finally get our seeds …

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