8 Things I Like about My Chicken Coop

I’m sure most of you have seen chicken coops that have some kind of a “wow” factor.  They may make you wonder why they are called chicken coops at all because they really are chicken palaces.  A quick google search will bring up images of coops that have much more …

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The Homestead Guard Donkey


Her name is Matilda. We call her Tilly for short.  She comes from a long line of guard donkeys which are raised about 20 minutes from our farm. When we were first researching having livestock for our farm, we knew we wanted to have sheep and some cattle.  We have …

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Harvesting and Eating Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seeds

I have been a lover of sunflower seeds for as many years as I can remember. I don’t know why, but they are so fun to pop in your mouth, crack open, eat and spit. Gross? No way. Maybe it was playing baseball as a kid in little league. I’m …

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The Importance Of The Homestead Rifle


The Importance of The Homestead Rifle There are many reasons that every homestead needs a rifle. We have written about how we carry handguns on a daily basis out here and if you have seen our videos, you can see our holstered firearms. Everyone on the homestead has easy access …

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4 Ways We Battle Garden Pests

Pests in the garden. This is an issue that everyone who grows their own food has to deal with. Pest pressures can be very frustrating and it’s important to not feel overwhelmed when it seems the advancing hordes can’t be turned back no matter what you do. Now, it’s easy …

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Our “Tiny House” Outhouse

Have you ever used an outhouse? What comes to your mind when you think of an outhouse? Too small, crescent-moon on the door, hot inside, and smelly? All of these adjectives describe outhouses I have used. My first outhouse experience was on my grandfather’s farm.  It had the typical outhouse …

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How to Brood Chickens without Electricity

This last spring I finished building our chicken coop and ordered 50 baby chickens that needed a brooder.  I know how to brood chickens, but I had never done it without electricity.  So I started looking online to see what others were doing.  There was a lot of great information …

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4 Ways to Raise Livestock Without Chemicals

One of the giant reasons we wanted to live on a farming homestead with my family is because we knew the food that is sold in the local city grocers are all altered. What do you mean, Zac? I mean that the meat that is being sold in almost all …

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Off Grid Homestead Aquaponics


We are just getting started this year with aquaponics. Right away, the weakest link with aquaponics is it usually relies on the grid to keep it going. You need electricity to run the pumps that run the system. In our system, all of the electricity comes from 1000 watts worth …

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