3 Reasons Why We Carry On The Homestead

You will probably encounter someone carrying a firearm if you visit An American Homestead. This can be a bit different than your normal face to face encounter in regular everyday life. But on the homestead, there are many reasons to have firearms and to actually wear them most of the …

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The Pursuit of Blackberries

This is the time of year in the Ozark Mountains for wild blackberries. They are in abundance on our homestead. They sparkle in the sunlight like little jewels hidden in the thicket. We have been picking berries in earnest this week because they do not last long and will soon …

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4 Big Benefits of Having Livestock

Food glorious food! I think of the song in the musical Oliver as I start this post. I love my veggies.  I even love my veggies mostly raw, eaten right out of the garden. I used to love juicing my veggies when I lived in the city and had electricity.  …

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Flies and Ticks and Chiggers, Oh My!!

I’m sitting on my deck right now as I type this.  Within the last half an hour, I have swatted multiple flies, pulled off a tick, avoided a couple wasps, and killed one mosquito.  They are impossible to avoid during the warm months of the year.  I was never very …

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Achocha Cucumber Success!

achocha fat baby

2014 is our first attempt by ourselves to really get a garden going. It’s a first year garden at this location and to be honest my family’s first year ever having enough space to really grow whatever we want. As long as Jaimie and I have been married, we either …

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Bring on the Rain!

This has been an exciting spring and early summer.  We are getting rain at least once a week and the garden is so enjoying the constant moisture.  I approached summer with the intention to water the garden at least every other day if need be.  But the temps have been …

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Sassafras Tea = RootBeer on the Homestead!

Sassafras Root

I was searching a portion of the property for passion fruit early this spring when I made an exciting discovery. I knew that passion fruit was in the area because I saw it last fall. Passion fruit has a peculiar leaf structure unlike most plants, and I had my eye …

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