Prepping Ideas

Pay No Attention To The Banks!

banking collapse

Are they really going to arrest Trump or are they just trying desperately to take attention away from the crumbling financial system? Its a mathematical certainty that this economy ends in hyper-inflation. See the Genesis Gold Group Website or Call Direct (800) 200-4653

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Don’t Take Away My Coffee!

Green Bean Coffee Storage

One of the most important reasons why so many people are looking to live and work on a homestead is because of the preparedness aspect. Take a look around you and ask yourself if the world REALLY got bad, what could you not live without? What about certain foods and …

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Killing Flies On The Homestead

Killing Flies Naturally

Flies every year are a big issue. They are annoying to both us and our animals. Plus they can spread disease and we are taking actions that will diminish their numbers in any way we can. When you have animals always around the homestead such as livestock, chickens and others, …

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4 Quick Tips When Learning To Barter


With our homestead and others around us, we are always bartering different things. Labor for labor or milk for eggs. Farmers and business owners have always participated in bartering throughout history. Some people think that bartering is a really complicated procedure. Come on, it was an economic system that was …

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Homesteading: The Ultimate Survival Prep


There was something amazing that we noticed with the recent collapse and impending Greek exit from the European Union. An article ran in the New York Times about Greek rural residents fairing far better than their countrymen in the cities. Why? They are Homesteaders! Greece doesn’t have a large manufacturing …

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Valley Food Storage: Product Review


I’m always excited to review products for our website. I especially like to review products for the prepper community as I know so many of us use our hard earned dollars to stock up on these items that our family may someday rely on. Food storage products are a hard …

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When The Grid Goes Down: Making Fuel


There are a lot of concerns for if and/or when the grid goes down and we are unable to acquire some of life’s basic items. It is a given that life as we know it will change forever and any number of scenarios can be entertained that will make it …

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Connecting Your Own Grid


Being on the “grid” is generally considered to mean that one is connected to the electrical grid supplied by a local electrical provider. Today, labeling yourself as “off grid” can mean a whole bunch of things. Maybe you don’t have water or sewer. Maybe you don’t shop at the store. …

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Tips for Choosing a Good Shower Bag

Just off the top of my head, I can think of half a dozen families I know that use camping shower bags on a regular basis in their homes. Knowing this almost makes me feel normal! Until recently, I had thought we were strange in our nightly ritual of filling …

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When The Grid Goes Down ~ Kerosene


I recently received a comment from someone who saw our kerosene lantern video on YouTube. They couldn’t see any benefits to burning kerosene lanterns over using battery powered LED lights. I can see lots of benefits and reasons why You Should Be Using Kerosene. Kerosene oil is one of the …

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