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  1. Just wondered if y’all knew that a site is advertised on your site. Was under one of the “visit our sponsors”

    Shalom! <3

  2. we found your show on netflix and now you are apart of our family, God has blessed you and now you have blessed us, we love to watch, keep making movies, i have 12.5 acres out of town and also have only about 4 persimmon trees and you have taught me alot about them. we want soooooooo bad to be off grid as well so we will keep watching to see what else we can learn from you. we will be praying for you and your family, God bless you

    Phillip Cox
    Texarkana, Texas

  3. Zac –

    We are also homesteaders with my wife and I homesteading 30 acres at the edge of the Applachian Mountains. We like your channel immensely and watch it on ROKU. I am sure you are familiar with this but if not here is a heads up: As a hunter I am also sure you know not to shoot a deer in the head nor to harvest any animal with any kind of head wound. Other precautions are covered in the Wiki article.

    Also, FYI- Elon Musk is investing billions of his dollars building the world’s largest battery factory in Nevada. The idea is to reduce the costs of the battery packs in his Tesla electric cars by 10 to 1. He is also opening sales of these packs to everyone. These will be available in about 36 months, and will have a profound effect on off-grid solar. These packs will be sealed, no maintenance units capable of storing between 15 and 40 thousand watts for the cost of a few hundred dollars [300?].

    God bless.

    Bill Hood

    • Wow, I’m very interested in the battery information! Please keep us updated!

      • Zac,
        Have you ever checked out IronEdison? Nickel/iron batteries have a very very long life span and use caustic soda electrolyte. Invented in the early 1900’s some of them are still in service.

        • I would lIijve to see your root cellar. I am planning on building one this fall.

        • Sid, a bunch of my friends and I are full time off grid people. We have had two friends use the lead acid type and they caught fire. They can’t be stored in the house because they emit toxic fumes of sorts. We use lithium ion in an outback system. It’s excellent! We run everything like it’s on grid and most of the cost came back to us in tax rebates for the last three years. I highly recommend it!!

      • the nickle iron battery is awsome there is a company somewhere that is restoring them.

        • Philip Brandt
          Check out Alcad nickel cadmium batteries. Very similar to nickel iron but with slightly higher cell voltages.

    • I am also very interested in the battery info as I live in Nevada! Ruth Willhite

    • Zachary – Per your request. This was on Google’s news portal today. I wonder if contacting Tesla and telling them who you are and inviting them to look at your channel might lead to their support in exchange for testing their product. Wouldn’t hurt to try!

      Hope all is well with your family. We are suffering from American Homestead withdrawal since we have seen and reseen all the episodes, both on You Tube and Netflix.

      Tesla will introduce a new product line separate from cars on Thursday, April 30 at 9 PM PT according to founder and CEO Elon Musk. The executive tweeted the news from his account on Monday, but so far has shared no other details bout what might be in the works.
      Musk has previously gone on record saying the company is gearing up to produce a new battery to power people’s homes instead of just their cars. During the company’s most recent earnings call in February, he revealed that the consumer battery pack for home use could enter production in as few as six months. This new category could well be this home battery, since the timing fits.
      A Tesla home battery could be useful as a backup in case of outages, for homes located off-grid, or as a storage solution for customers using solar power collection installations in their homes.
      Of course, Musk could be referring to something else entirely – we’ll know by the end of next month what exactly Tesla has up its sleeve.

    • “These packs will be sealed, no maintenance units capable of storing between 15 and 40 thousand watts for the cost of a few hundred dollars”

      When I see it, I’ll believe it.

    • Sorry to bother you.. Do u have any more pumpkin seeds I don’t see them on your website and mine burnt in fire .. Hope your well brother .. God bless u

  4. my husband and I enjoy your show thank you for blessing us with a lot of great ideas

  5. Do you have an email newsletter that can be subscribed too ? If so , I would like to sign up for it .

  6. Kimberly Cervantes

    I found your show on Roku. I’m telling my friends about it. I live in Las Vegas in a nice house and it is too much for me. Although I will never live off grid (I don’t think so anyway) I am inspired by you and your family to re-direct my lifestyle in the future. My son is trying to get me to go solar and I may consider it if I get a more “simple” house. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle. It’s such an inspiration. I am following on Facebook. I would like to add that the candles make me nervous. I had one start a small fire in my house. Maybe you guys could go solar on the lights? I’m watching with interest and inspiration. Thank you.

  7. Just found your show on Roku also. Love it. I am not sure if you are familiar with Misty Prepper but there is a ton of info she shares on line and in her videos that you guys would love too.

    I have to say I am absolutely in awe of the know-how and skills all of you posses and use on a daily basis to make your new way of life work. We will continue to watch what you put out here and love that you share the information on the products you do use because we may want to use some of them in the future ourselves.

    Do you foresee a cow in your future?

    • Thanks for watching! We’re so glad that you enjoy it! Yes, we definitely foresee a cow in our future. 🙂 We purposely decided to wait on a dairy cow because we had stretched ourselves so thin with so many other things. It was just too much to think about adding another thing to the “to do” list every day. Perhaps next year. As of right now, we are able to get milk pretty regularly from friends nearby. 🙂

  8. I live in northwest AR., I use to live in southern Madison County, but now live in Washington County. Saw your you tube on spring pastures. Joel Saladin says don’t put manure on dormant pasture as the dormant roots and enzymes can’t use use so it either runs off in rain or evaporates. Have you seen his videos on you tube? He is a grass-growing guru. Please you don’t have to answer, I just wanted to share.

  9. Zach,
    Have you ever considered how you will communicate with others in WROL?
    I have been a Ham Radio Opperator for many years and can communicate with my group both locally and around the world.
    All my equiptment runs off 12 volts D.C. From my solar panels.
    Just something to think about.
    Feel free to contact me if you would like info how to get started.
    You can also go to,
    Blessings, Heath N4TWT

  10. I’ve really enjoyed your videos and I’m looking forward to seeing next season! I had just a couple things to suggest. When watching the tomato-canning ones I thought you might want to try roasting them next summer. When I put up my tomatoes, I don’t peel them. I simply cut then in half, roast them cut-side up with olive oil, celtic salt and herbs. Once they’ve roasted pretty well they easily smash up with hardly any effort and can be canned or eaten as-is. The peels are tender and disintegrate into the flesh, so there is just nothing to it. And best of all they taste amazing because the flavor is so concentrated! It also works with cherry tomatoes since you don’t ever peel them. You could easily roast them in your pizza oven. Also, have you thought about doing sheep milk instead of getting a dairy cow? Sheep milk is way easier to digest than cow’s milk and even more so than goat’s milk. It might be something to consider since you already raise sheep. No need to answer; just thought I’d throw those thoughts out there!

  11. Elizabeth Haugh

    I am trying to enter your Sawyer Water filter contest. I hope this is the right place to do it.
    Love your site,

  12. Hello, I read about your aquaponics & was intrigued, but was wondering what the benefit of doing the aquaponics is? I mean instead of just having your fish pond for fish & then doing a garden. Thanks! Amanda

  13. Love your show and all the information you are sharing. I have learned so much from your family. Thank you so much.
    God bless

  14. Zach and Jaime,
    Just want to say how much we enjoy watching and learning from your show. We currently own a small 2.5f acre homestead in south central Colorado and was hoping to stay here but have discovered that it wouldn’t be best to stay with water wars over rights and such so once my husband retires from the Army move further east. So we have 6 years to practice off grid homesteading and was wondering some of the things y’all have done before leaving the city behind and things you wish you had learned before setting out. We have already foregone the use of electric lighting and we do a huge garden each year and we have chickens. Thanks!

  15. My family are big fans of your show. Thank you for taking the time and putting in the effort behind all of these videos. I am fully behind what you your family is doing, living off grid must be an amazing experience. One question however, how are you handling situations like medical insurance? God forbid, but what happens if one of you are seriously injured and have to handle hospital expenses?

  16. I’ve been watching your show on our ROKU box. My wife and I purchased 35 acres a little over a year ago, but need to cross a creek to access it. A bridge is going to be expensive and I had been losing hope. Your show has been very inspiring and has renewed the vision for a homestead of our own. I’m looking forward to watching as your homestead progresses. May God continue to Bless your family!

    • Anthony Have you looked into railcar bridges? Sometimes they are cheaper. If your close to a railcar shop you should look into it. Railcar flatbeds are usually good for about a 20 foot spand. Hope this helps.


  17. We live currently in Florida and are looking for land in the Missouri Ozark area to homestead. Any particular reason you left Missouri for Arkansas? Also any tips you have on trying to find land in another state would be helpful.

  18. Thanks Zac and your family. I watch both An American Homestead and your New2Torah channel. Love both and just wanted to say thanks for your efforts in making both.
    God Bless you and your family

  19. I just finished watching your video on potato storage and root cellars. 6 years ago I added on to my house giving me a nice pantry and a root cellar. before I did this I stored my potatoes in a small storage room off my kitchen. there was a small vent and no heat. I had a chest freezer that gave off just enough heat so stuff didn’t freeze. the potato bin was just a pallet on the floor for ventilation and wood strips on the front that could be removed as I use the potatoes. they lasted very well and didn’t start sprouting until March. when I got the root cellar I used plastic totes with damp sawdust for the carrots. they would grow small roots but they seemed to be sweeter after they had been cold. I tried dry sawdust but it shriveled up the carrots. I absolutely love your youtube videos and some of the stuff you do verifies that what i am doing is right.

  20. Hi,
    I really love your show, I’m learning so much. Your show is what I’ve been looking for. It is a blessing to me. I have some questions for you if you don’t mind I could really use some guidance, any help is appreciated greatly.

    How do you make a living while homesteading full time? Did you save up while working in the city before you moved & are now living off of your savings?

    How did you know when it was time to go? How did you get started? What’re your expenses? Supplies, & annual taxes on the land?

    I wanna do what you do, but I only have a few thousand dollars saved. Is that enough? How much start up money do I need for a homestead? What if I already have the land, is it enough then?

    How can I find some people to help? Right now it’s just me. My parents are retiring next summer so they might be interested in helping me out. Any answers, help, and advice you can provide is much appreciated.


  21. hi
    just wondering what you do for minyan during the year

  22. What county and State do you guys have your homestead, I am looking to buy land and have searced everywhere and so far no luck!?

  23. I love the videos, it looks like such a great life you have down there. I am very jealous and wish I could find a similar community in my area.

  24. friends in Missouri and Arkansas…….I SAW land on the snake river…..just north of arkansas, in the Ozarks…….
    4 artesian wells ON the property……400 acre plots of land………60 000$……IF u would take the whole 400 acres ! YES… WAS 10 yrs ago…..BUT I found this land just “sightseeing”……driving through little towns,
    stopping at hole in the wall realty places in towns of
    less than 5000 people……..

    Don’t give up ! My friends on the snake, who bought
    the piece w the artesian wells, ARE off grid today.
    people go tubing down the “rapids” on the snake…..
    that much water flow was enough to create some power because of the flow…….

    there were 4 other “farm places” at the time around them that were also FOR SALE….. it’s OUT THERE!
    go for your dream !

    and YHWH richly bless u all !


  25. Hi. My name is Joe. I would love to start homesteading. But I don’t have the money to start. We move from Illinois to texarkana TX. We trying to get back up on are feet. But it is hard. I just wish I can get some land to start homesteading.

  26. Hi there…..I just love the head scarves Jamie wears. Do you make and sell them? I’d be very interested

    Thanks Sue

  27. I really miss you guys. the stuff you do is right up my alley!

  28. To the teacher who said he didn’t want the toy crossbows in his classroom:

    As a parent, I’m thankful you didn’t teach my child. What a great opportunity that crossbow toy presents to teach Newton’s Laws of Motion. Who is Newton, you ask? Ask Stephen Hawking, He now ‘owns’ Newton’s Chair (oops, Steven just died of Lou Gherig’s disease (what is that and who was Lou?), wonder who gets the chair next?) Also, there’s William Tell. In 1307 he did some cool stuff with a crossbow in Switzerland. In the same year, in England, King Edward II was crowned. In attendance was his rumored male lover, Piers Gaveston (A frameup, what can we learn from that?). What was that all about? Just a few years later Geoffrey Chaucer was born. He worked for Edward’s son, Edward III (of course) as a public servant. He was kind of a writer or author on the side…

    No, I wouldn’t want one of THOSE THINGS in my classroom. They are indeed dangerous: they might lead you to actually think. THAT’s a lot more dangerous than a tiny crossbow…

    Oh yeah, my kid retired from a very successful scientific career at age 42. He’s now a very successful artist. Go figure…

    • This is America and we still have the right to raise our children as a Parent sees fit. The Bible says ; don’t judge Lest you be judged . I am 68 years old and just started watching YouTube video. It excites me To see all these young people on here going back to a simpler way of life. I started homeschooling back in 1976 way before it was legal here in Arkansas. With a grassroots movement we got a law legalizing homeschool In 1985. All my children are grown and my wife has passed, but I am still here on my farm plugging along. I generate all my own electricity and have gas wells here. The only thing I take from the grid is satellite Internet and cell phone.

  29. Vanuel Robertson

    I bought some papalo seeds from you, some weeks ago. was so excited to get them growing. I carefully researched how to best plant them and I was careful to follow those instructions. Now, I’m not new to gardening. I’m 68 yrs old and have kept a garden most of them. A lot of folks around here come to me often for gardening advice. I’m not saying that you did anything wrong. Things happen, perhaps in shipping (maybe x-ray or something?) I don’t know, but I got 0% germination. I’m on social security retirement and I can’t afford to re-order, just yet. When I can, I will try it again. Meanwhile, I’m sooo disappointed. Thanks for reading this. And, oh yes, I do deally enjoy your Utube videos. Thanks again!

  30. Zach,

    Thought that you might enjoy this!

    May HaShem Bless You and Yours!


  31. How do you make water for making Collado silver? Distilled? Brand? Thank you.

  32. tried to contact you several times on contact the homestead but message won’t go through, any other way i can get in touch with you zach? go ahead and pray on it, maybe it’s not supposed to happen, but maybe it is supposed to happen and the prince of the air is trying to thwart me again, yes it’s warfare time. let me know because my message involves relocation and your advice. shalom rick

  33. I just watched a video demonstration you did about a detox footbath. I bought one, but can you tell me why my water would turn brown when I didn’t put my feet in the tub at all? Seems kinda like a hoax.

  34. I’m looking at an old foley belsaw saw mill. I saw your video that you have an old foley belsaw mill. The blades have missing teeth.
    Can anyone help with a link or contact info. where new teeth can be purchased, sharpened, etc.
    Thanks scott

  35. Good day Zach, I am rather new to your page; however, I recently came across an item I was interested in getting your feedback on. It’s designed to use in a well if it is ever needed. I will post it below.


  36. Willst du am Telefon sprechen? Klicken hier, um die Nummer anzuzeigen –

  37. If you bury the dirt where you had a slat block will the deer dig it up?

  38. Hi
    I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the shelled mammoth greystripe sun flower seeds in bulk for human consumption. These seeds are the best and I am a seed attic lol. Can’t find them anywhere. Of course they would have to be clean, raw and safe to eat. Thanks everyone;)))

  39. Fermented Chimichurri, Australian’s use on everything. I think that you could apply the idea to fermenting pesto.
    1 bunch flat-leaf parsley (about two cups loosely packed)
    1 bunch cilantro (about two cups loosely packed)
    1/4 cup loosely packed basil, hard stems removed
    4-6 sprigs of oregano, stems removed
    1/2 tsp. black pepper
    1/2 yellow or white onion, chopped roughly
    1 whole jalapeno, stem removed or ¼ tsp red pepper flakes (optional)
    3-4 cloves of garlic
    1/2 lemon or lime’s worth of juice
    1 TBS sea salt or kosher salt dissolved in two cups water
    1 TBSP Olive oil per 1/4 cup chimichurri
    1 tsp. red wine vinegar per 1/4 cup of chimichurri

  40. Shirley Mae Barnett

    Trying to find you on gab, but i don’t know your last name. Zachary _____? I couldn’t find it under AnAmericanHomestead or American Homestead.

  41. When will the summer cilantro (pappalo?) seeds be available? I clicked on the homestead seeds link and it said no results. I wanted to buy them from you instead of just whoever. I accidentally sent this as an email bc the form was right ablove the comments and I was just trying to add this as a comment. Obviously I did find the proper form for the comments LOL. I’m old.

  42. Saw your Blackberry video. If you have a need for Japanese Beetle traps.
    1. Put a 15 gallon tote ~ half filled with soapy water, under the trap.
    2. Plant mint under fruit.
    3. Request a God fearing friend to pray over your yard. I haven’t had any Japanese Beetle s since. I have
    NOT needed the traps for 10 years+

  43. My children were stolen from me by Portage County, Wisconsin’s HHS due to the fact that they do not want me teaching my children The Bible. (I do not even live in Portage County, BTW.) This is the same sort of thing that Das Gesundheitsamt (The Health Department) did to children and families across Europe during WWII. That is, they stole children from families who did not hold the same ideology as the Nazis and indoctrinated those children into the Nazi ideology. Unfortunately, history is now repeating itself in the USA, today.

    I believe that many other children and families are being similarly terrorized by HHS, nationwide. For example, an HHS investigator from Illinois came to one of our fellowship groups in Wisconsin to warn us that they are being trained to target the children of Bible believers and vaccine opponents, and a sister who has a prayer ministry informed me that a number of the sisters in her ministry from different parts of the country reported similar tactics by HHS in their communities.

    Here is my first public interview on the subject: .

    Yah bless, and shalom.

    • Let’s get the whole story. I am willing to bet it’s because you were doing something else that could be harmful to a child. I am sure it’s not just for indoctrinating your kids into your cult, which is also harmful in my opinion.

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  45. Hey Zach, can you recommend a good sidearm holster to use while working on the farm?

  46. We need much more talk about Anne Dachel’s Loss of Brain Trust and what’s happening to the world’s children and young people, nobody is talking about this. Is it really just “bad parenting and genetics” or something much worse. Travis (Prepared Homestead) should also talk about the Neurodiversity movement which was spawned by the book NeuroTribes which normalizes the most serious developmental disorder in human history.

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