Episode 10

Episode 10

Episode 10: Episode 10: The homestead builds an outhouse for guests to use when they come camping in the spring and fall. Not everyone is into using a composting toilet so we build a simple yet efficient outhouse for visitors. It’s been just over a year that we arrived on the land that has become An American Homestead. We’ve been super busy. In this last episode of the season, we take a look back at everything we have accomplished in 12 months time. The result of all the hard work is a homestead we can be proud of and share with others.

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  1. We love your videos. We are homesteaders as well, 33 acres in Southwestern Oregon. We don’t always agree with what you do but always learn a lot.

    You mentioned doing topical videos over the winter. We’d like to see you get more in depth about your greenhouse and your aquaponics setup.

    Chris in SW Oregon

  2. NEXT SUMMER! I can’t wait till next summer! Maybe a Christmas episode to carry me through???

  3. Your family has been so inspiring,educational/informative for our family who dream of being self sufficient one day…and y’all have a great sense of humor! Loved the headless snake bit! Ha! We loved your first season and stumbled upon your videos searching through other homesteading youtube clips. We are now on to season 2 so we look forward to seeing more of your homestead blossoming… learning more too! 🙂 Thank you for sharing an open window into your lifestyle,home and informing those who would love to one day also live self sufficiently… God Bless you on your adventures.

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