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Homestead LESSONS – Why I Think This War Is Happening

Why do I think this war is happening? It’s a RESPONSE to an act of desperation by a country that

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  1. I hope you’ll start doing videos on the torah channel again. Hearing so many things from every side I’d love your thoughts on it from a purely biblical perspective

  2. listen, something is wrong with this picture (in Israel). Joe Biden came out in full support of Israel. Previously, he would not give Israel the time of day. I hate the words “false flag”, but I’m wondering how or why the greatest intelligence team in the world (Israe) was caught by surprise. Were they really caught by surprise?

  3. Dude, you are going hard-over in the wrong direction. “Off-grid” is not pickling businesses and youtube ad revenue, but you be you. FWIW, your videos did help me find the off-ramp, so thank you for that.

    1. Uh, off grid means being off the electrical grid. Nothing more. The perfectpickler business is a GREAT way to teach people how to make healthy pro-biotics at home, something homesteads have been doing in this country for several hundred years. Oh and youtube hardly pays any ad revenue these days.

  4. Completely agree about MT. Sanai = jabal al lawz. Also, I beleive that ron wyatt located or helped locate the red sea crossing.
    The Good book already has prophecy of where the world is going and what will be happening and how to prepare for all of it. Be less worldly and more Messiah like. Blessings from the Arkansas yonder.

  5. Yes, Zach God sits and laughs because so many believe that they’re actually in control. This always blows my mind. Satan lived in heaven and KNOWS who he is dealing with and yet…..? Just waiting for Jesus and preparing as I go!

  6. Recently I’ve had alot of sad incidences happen to loved ones in my life. “Just Watch the Show”. Thank’s Zach. I needed that.

  7. Desert homesteads can be done. BUT you have to have TONS more space, and tons and tons and tons of water collection systems in order to support what nicer areas could hood on just a few acres.

  8. Did you realize what Hamas did to Israeli citizens? don’t know how you can just sit back and enjoy the SHOW!!!

    1. All men are appointed once to die. That is not the death we have to worry about. It’s the judgement that is then followed by the “second death”. Hebrews 9:27-28

  9. I Listen to it Past how Israel Stole Land from the Palestinian, How Badly the Israel Army Treated Palestinian people, I Hope this War End Now for the good of the people, Thank you.

  10. This may very well be the “beginning of sorrows”

    “And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” –Matthew 24:6

  11. Why Don’t They Drill For Water underground, When Russia Driled Down The Deepest Hole Ever, What The Scientists Discovered was There was Water all the Way Down 12 Miles, Scientists Said if All that Water Come Back up Mt Everest Would Be 5 Miles Underwater, That’s How Much Water I’d underground, We Can’t Run out, Thank you.

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