Homestead Outlaws – Living Off Grid In America

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About Zachary Bauer

Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. Thanks Guys, These concerns for those of us who are not homesteaders, seem to be hitting closer to home. We collect water, grow our own food, use wood for heat and hope to build a chicken coop in the very near future. Johns Creek, Georgia, are you kidding? We do not live in Johns Creek but we do live near populations with very diverse opinions about what are proper lifestyles. Just when you think that no one cares how you live your life on your property, it becomes another persons business. Great video

  2. This is the best ! You guys are great! My wife and i have 15 acres in south middle Tenn. We are traveling once a month there from Illinois to keep mowing and minor additions to the property. In may of 17 we will be moving permanently. We are currently off grid at that location And love it. And to find your family doing things the right way is awesome. My wife is a cancer survivor and we knew at that point something must change. I grew up as a farmer, hunter, trapper and grow a garden to save food and still practice .We have much to learn about our new climate and what to grow .Your site has taught us so much on this .Your families work is a masterpiece.Everyday a person learns something new. If not something is wrong and glad to have found your family to help in our daily learnings. Thank you ,The Brenner family

  3. Zac
    Great video. I and my wife are looking for land with no resytictions. What county by you or your county would you recommend.

  4. Great one. We were told not to build but we are doing it anyway here in WNC. My property my life. I’ll go to jail and find a way to pay the fine but not with making the community VERY aware of it and there’s sooooo many backing us!!!! It may get hard but I’m not hurting a soul and my family in extremely happy!!! (I love riding my kids the way I was raised and I’ll be damn if some money hungry county is going to stop that. Private drive so read the signs is what I’ve told them all! They just wanna easy buck. Another way to kick the poor man in the butt.

    • Good for you ! Why won’t they let you build ? The government has gone mad with greed. And gggg&ttttt they are proud to admit it, admit they are fully bought and paid for by corporations. This is no where near the country I grew up in, only a couple decades ago. It truly scares me, especially for my children’s sake. I’m considering just leaving the country myself, but if I could find a cheap, decent piece of land where I could set up a tiny house for me and my kids

  5. Tried to rate your video at the top would not work, but I give it a 5 … was great and I love them….you guys make everything look so easy…..I could stand it all except the Bathroom…..that would be a problem….and I sure would not want to be the one who has to clean those containers…..I have a weak stomach…..
    I would not have a problem cooking or washing dishes like your wife does or the laundry…..but would be nice to have an electric sweeper instead of the broom, because of the settlement of the dirt….where as the sweeper could pick it all up….

    I could see catching rain water to water the grass, but is it really good for the vegetables, and feeding the animals ? I always heard rain water was not that good to drink….especially with all the stuff in the air anymore…..I’d say it would be ok to wash your automobiles in, or scrub your porch, or even mop in but would not want to use it for washing dishes, or the garden or fruit trees or even washing clothes in…..just not my thing 🙂 sure you know more about it than I do….

    Why can’t you fix a toilet that uses the rain water to flush it instead I think you use sawdust right ? Seems I remember seeing a video…..

    You probably could catch enough of rain water and melt the snow for toilet flushing…..that would be my main issue…. but I don’t expect to live off grid…but I do appreciate how you guys do it and love seeing the videos…

    Kinda got away from watching you, but sometimes it just pops up and I will watch….I was on another blog or something, and it went away and there you were….so I did watch the Outlaw video….it was great…..and I have seen a lot of them as I used to watch you all the time…..

    I do love your outside oven… in those iron pots I could do that no problem… I do have iron skillets and a large iron pot that cooks very well and fast….. so keep up the good work and keep doing the videos……and I will continue to watch …..

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