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How She Starts Her Day

How does Jaimie start her day? Laundry, Homeschool, Cooking, Food Preservation, Cleaning. How do you do it all and still keep your sanity? Find what works for you and do that.

Modern homesteading does not need to be super hard and stressful. Life is always going to involve a certain amount of stress. You intensify that stress when you compare yourself to others or think you must do things the way others do things.

About Zachary Bauer

Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. You sharing your story and journey is always encouraging to this mother/homesteader. I fight guilt over what I “should have gotten done” by certain points of the day all the time. With diapers and laundry to hand wash, every meal to cook, nuts to gather, animals to feed (my small people aren’t big enough to help yet!), I sometimes miss out on the daily joys of this life because I start feeling like I’m falling behind. But it’s a discipline to learn every day to take every moment as a gift (I don’t care how floofy-saccharine that sounds, I just don’t know how to say it otherwise). I totally get getting misty over things like that! It’s a comfort to know that the Father has given us everything that we need to do every day…it just might not look the way I had planned. It’s probably a good thing, in the end, haha!

    I hope that you have an encouraging day.

  2. What an encouraging video! We live on grid and still don’t start homeschool until anywhere from 10am-1pm . That is the beauty of being able to school our children! 🙂 Why stress yourself just to say you start at 7am? Yes we school to teach our children, but, we have the ability to allow school into our lives, not to control our lives! Keep up the great videos!

  3. How/where do drain the water from your laundry system inside? The other video you were using it outside.

  4. Jaimie, thank you so much for sharing a little of your life with us. Especially, the 10am start of homeschooling. I am working on not comparing myself to others, and what I “should” do, but focusing on my personality and what actually works best for my household. I can’t express how thankful I am! Watching An American Homestead and New2Torah has helped me during a very difficult time with conflict in our Fellowship, and I have felt so alone. Watching these videos have given me hope that other Torah believers can Fellowship in love, even if there are disagreements.

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