How to Hang Cast Iron on a Wall

hotpoint-stoveHomesteading and cast iron go together like peanut butter and jelly. Cast iron pans can transition easily from an open fire to other more conventional cook tops. They are absolutely the only cookware I trust in my wood oven. I love my cast iron and I’m collecting more all the time. They are durable, versatile, and timeless. I know that with a little love and care, my cookware collection with last my lifetime and I’ll be able to hand them down to my grandchildren. After all, my favorite skillet is one that I received from my grandmother! It was made in the late 1800’s!

Since moving to our off grid homestead, my cast iron collection continues to grow. I have skillets, dutch ovens, bread pans, and very large roasting pan. I keep my daily use skillets on the stove all the time, but I recently decided that I needed a good solution to store the rest. After seeing many pictures of country homestead kitchens with cast iron on display, I finally took the time to hang them on a wall and I absolutely love the result! I wish I had done it sooner.

Why hang them on the wall?

bread-pansCast iron is made for hanging! Even my bread pans have hanging holes in the handles. I kept my cast iron skillets nested together in a cabinet for a long time. This was definitely not the ideal storage solution. More often than not, I would end up reaching for a lighter skillet because I dreaded pulling them all out to reach the heaviest skillet on the bottom. Hanging them is a wonderful solution because I can easily see and reach the one I need. I want my cookware and utensils to be easy to access. If I have to search too long for something, I’m wasting valuable cooking time.

hang-cast-iron2I also love looking at them! I’ve been on a quest this winter to beautify my kitchen. In the future, I have dreams of painting my kitchen cabinets a beautiful shade of warm gray and installing bead-board on my walls. My house is always a work in progress! But for right now, I’m focusing on little things that I can do to make it more homey and inviting. One of those things is choosing to decorate with my cookware. Nothing says “homestead kitchen” like cast iron.

So…how did I get them on the wall?

When I think of pots and pans on display, I usually think of a hanging pot rack. It is a great way of storing a lot of cookware! But what do you do if you don’t have the space or funds to invest in a hanging pot rack? Space is a premium in my house. I love my kitchen and it is actually fairly large for my less than 1000 square foot house, but I don’t have any space for a pot rack. My kitchen walls are the perfect solution for me.

And it was so easy! If you know how to find the studs in your wall and use a power drill, you can do this. I cannot stress enough that you need to find the studs! Cast iron is heavy! You can see that my pans are not completely even and symmetrical. That’s because I could only use the places on my wall where studs are located. But that’s okay with me. I kindof like the asymmetrical look. Plus, I can add more pans over time as my collection grows, without worrying that I may mess up a perfectly even display.


Once you find your stud and determine where you want to hang your pan, drill your hole. The hooks I used are called L hooks. I have found that they are a much better choice for this project than the typical cup hook because they screw further into the wall (enabling them to support more weight) and they make it easier to lift pans on and off. Screw your L hook into the hole. You may need to use pliers to grip it as you turn it. You are now ready to hang your pan. That’s it!

I love my cast iron display. I know my collection will keep growing and I’ll just add more L hooks as I need them. It makes me happy when form and function come together so perfectly! Do you hang your cast iron?

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  1. I love this post. I thought I was the only one who hangs up there cast iron. My kitchen is not big and I have run out of room in drawers, counter space so I started to hang. I have cast iron, strainers, rolling pin. etc. It does make it so much easier to just grab what is needed.I have a drying rack with lemon balm on it now. I can imagine what people think my kitchen looks like but when you cook from scratch it does not need to be beautiful just functional and clean. I am always on the lookout for big cast iron frying pans .I have never seen the loaf pans but love them.

  2. I hang my pots and pans, too. My kitchen is short on storage space and like you said, it’s so much easier to grab the ones you need. My oldest/favorite piece of cast iron is my grandmother’s chicken fryer (it actually says “chicken fryer” on the bottom). I’m enjoying your articles and videos, please keep them coming!

  3. Yes! I hang some enamelware too. My favorite biscuit bowl is always at the ready! I’m enjoying your videos. Would love to see one on how you do dishes. And how you deal with Hot water needs in general.

    • Thanks Julie! I’ve actually thought about doing a video on washing dishes, but thought that there might not be much interest. It seems like such a simple thing, but I definitely accomplish it differently! I’ll plan on doing it soon.

  4. I just recently hung my cast iron also. And I love the loaf pans! I have some of those on my want list..

  5. michael leger (ben pursuing torah)

    i recently had to build some shelving onto out kitchen walls so we would have a better place to store and display some of out pots and pans. once finished i just hung large iron hooks from the supports and hang all our cast iron from these. works great and it looks “homesteadish”!

  6. Thanks for the ideas! Have to admit – I clicked on this pic because I saw the Berkey water filter!! That has been the best investment I ever made…and it didn’t even cost that much. 🙂

  7. Hi Julie,
    Thanks so much for this post I found this because I was thinking of hanging my cast iron with butterfly molly anchors in the sheet rock. Do you think it would be alright or should it definitely be in the studs? I would also love to learn about your wire spice rack and how you do dishes! Hopefully it’s without a dishwasher b/c I don’t have one here in NYC 🙂

    • No you should definitely hang in the studs. The cast iron will tear up your sheet rock. The only thing we would hang in sheet rock would be a light weight framed picture maybe. Cast iron is heavy…it will need the support of the studs for sure! 🙂

  8. I love your cast iron loaf pans! I have never seen those. Your cast iron looks great on your wall! I have a couple of dutch ovens and several skillets and I keep my daily use skillets on the stove top, too. One is really large and I love it but storing it is a problem! I am going to look for a stud in the wall to hang it! Also saw your Berkey in the photo. I would really appreciate your thoughts on that and if you bought it scratch & dent????Would you buy one scratch and dent? I really want to get one, but they are so expensive and I saw they have a scratch and dent sale but wasn’t sure about that. Do you have any insight? Thanks so much for your website and videos–I find them so encouraging and informative. Please keep them coming! 🙂

    • I would think a scratch and dent Berkey would be fine. I don’t have any experience with one, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be healthy. It is really all cosmetic as the container is just used for holding the water. The filters are what do the job. Thanks for watching and reading!

    • I have my cast iron in studs, but use nails. I am going to replace the nails with the L hooks. I love that. Though I am old, I am new to cast iron cooking. Can you share some recipes? Tried and true favorites as well as new ones? Thank you for this post!

  9. Hi how do I hang cast iron items on a wall at an angle

    • Two methods. We hang them from an “L” hook on the wall or cabinet. On the self I used a router to put a plate grove in to set the skillet in.

  10. What about hanging the lids? Any ideas?

  11. I’ve been watching your channel on Youtube for a while and love your canning and off-grid videos. I recently started investing in cast iron cook/bakeware and remember my great-grandma always displaying hers in the dining area. It always looked so nice and make the place feel really homey. I just recently bought 3 Lodge pans and 1 Camp Chef loaf pan. I will definitely be doing this since I don’t have it in my budget to go all out as well. Thanks for the ideas!

  12. Does the oil from the skillets stain the wall?

    • I was wondering the same thing and if there were simple designs that keep the pan from touching the wall.

    • I’ve had them up on the wall for about a year and so far no oil has rubbed off on the walls. I can’t speak for those that have painted walls though, since our’s has wallpaper on it. My husband bought me some cast iron hooks from Lowe’s (can’t find them on their website now), that hold the pans away from the wall a lil, so they don’t sit directly on the wall. Sorry for the late response. I never received a notice that someone left me a reply.

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