Last Week On The Homestead

Last week on the homestead, we had about 100 guests come out and enjoy a biblical fall feast called the feast of tabernacles. There was lots of food and fun and education going on all week long! We cooked pizzas in the brick oven, canned beans in the off grid kitchen, bottled some concord grape wine, held a solar energy class, animal care and even gave a tour of our off grid home.

These are the things that people wanted to know about our lifestyle. It seems so different for so many people to come out and see how we live.

So I thought I would share a few of the photos that folks took during the week and give you a bit of a description with each.

This is Heidi and she is butchering her chicken dinner for that night. She’s having a great time!

Here we are giving a butchering class with one of the lambs for the feast. We butchered two sheep that week to be shared with the guests.

Zac is giving a class on solar power and wiring instructions. He points out all the major parts to any solar energy system for an off grid homestead.

Someone snaps a photo of the western sunset over the homestead. We get some great sunsets on the mountain.

The God of this earth tells his people to gather together for the feast. So that is what we are doing.

So there are some of the photos that we took during the week. If you want to see more, be sure to check out our Steemit page and the posts over there. Consider joining steemit so that you can get paid for the posts you make. No other social media site pays you for your content!



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About Zachary Bauer

Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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