Making Colloidal Silver

Our family uses Colloidal Silver for many things.  I have found it so effective that I keep coming back to it again and again.  It works against viruses, pathogens, fungus and bacteria.  Personally, I have used it to cure ear infections, eye infections, seasonal allergies (sneezing and itchy/watery eyes), colds and flu, and canker sores in the mouth.  It can be put into the ears or eyes with a dropper, sniffed as a nose spray, applied to the skin, used as an oral rinse, breathed through a nebulizer, and ingested in small doses.  It is so multipurpose.

I know what you are thinking.  But wasn’t there some guy who turned blue from using colloidal silver?  Why would you want to go anywhere near that?  Or worse, give it to your children?  The man’s name was Paul Karason (aka “the blue man”).  Paul mistakenly added salt to his distilled water as a catalyst to reduce the production time of his homemade silver solution.  He was unaware that salt or other additives should never be used during the electrolysis of proper silver solutions.  He did reduce the time taken to make the solution, but the result was a different compound called silver chloride.  Not only was this a completely different solution than colloidal silver, Paul ingested his solution in a concentration 15 to 30 times greater than the potency of the colloidal silver that my family makes.  The result was that he turned blue, a condition called Argyria.  There have never been any cases of Argyria linked to properly prepared silver solutions (no salt or other additives) and kept in safe concentrations of less than 50 PPM (parts per million).  The concentration that my family uses is 20 PPM.  I feel very safe in giving silver to my family.

silver2Colloidal Silver or Ionic Silver is a suspension of very small silver particles or silver ions which are evenly dispersed throughout a water-based solution.  This solution is made by immersing silver rods in a flask filled with distilled water.  Electrodes are clipped to the two rods allowing an electric current to pass between them.  The result is that the distilled water is changed into a new solution called colloidal or ionic silver.

Our family makes our colloidal silver by using a product called the SilverLungs Generator.  We have used this to make colloidal silver for more than five years.  The kit may seem pricey, but it includes all the equipment needed to make, store, and use silver for different applications.  One 8oz. bottle of commercially prepared colloidal silver can cost as much as $40.  The SilverLungs system will last a lifetime.

One of our favorite applications has been the nebulizer.  We have used this with success so many times when our little ones were showing signs of a cold or flu.  Even when they have trouble keeping the mask on, they are still able to breathe the vapor if you hold it close to their nose and mouth.  For myself, I often rinse, gargle and swallow a tablespoon when I feel a sore throat coming on.  I will do this a few times throughout the day and usually by the following day, my symptoms are gone.  I have not had a cold in many years.

I also use the dropper and nasal spray regularly.  My oldest son suffered so much with his seasonal allergies this year.  It was miserable.  We tried many things including essential oils (which worked for a while), but I finally tried colloidal silver. I put the drops in his eyes and the spray in his nose.  I was amazed!  His eyes were better right away and within half an hour the sneezing had subsided.  On the worst allergy days, we did this three times a day.  It worked so well!  It was kicking myself that I didn’t think of trying it sooner.  Next year, I will know better.

silver1The process for making colloidal or ionic silver using the SilverLungs system is pretty simple.  The manual comes with all the instructions necessary.  They state over and over and over again to use distilled water and only distilled water.  This is so important to the outcome of the solution: no silver chloride!  The other important thing is to make sure all of the equipment is very clean.  The instructions explain how to wash everything with distilled water (no soap).  When everything is clean, fill the flask with water, place the coated magnet (stirs the solution) inside, put the silver rods in the stopper, and place inside the flask.  It all sits on top of the generator and within three or four hours, you will have an ionic or colloidal silver solution.  We were able to make this today using power generated from our solar panels!

I hope this has given you an appreciation for what colloidal silver can do and maybe eased any concerns that you may have had.  It is one of the most valuable things in my “medicine” cabinet.

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  1. Nathan’s allergies are horrible every spring. We will definitely be trying this next year. So glad it helped Joshua!

  2. Jamie – thanks for this post. I really have known little about colloidal silver and would like to try it! I have always used herbal and essential oil remedies. I didn’t know there was a device to make your own. Definitely want to look into this!

  3. Hey guys,
    First of all let me tell you how much I love what you’re doing and look forward to all your YouTube uploads. One of these days I hope to be doing the same thing. I had a question about how you came to your choice to purchase the SilverLung Generator. I’ve been looking to purchase a system myself and there are just so many different brands that advertise nano particles, faster time, etc., like SilverEdge, SilverGen and SilverLung… I want the best product and quality and not have to sell the farm. So I was just wondering how you folks came to your decision? Thanks for your time and all the good work I think you’re doing.

    • Hey William, Zac here. I chose because mostly of the reviews I did in the beginning. Back when I made this purchase, they were one of the only ones like it on the market. I haven’t really looked into the other brands simply because I’m happy with the one I have. Yeah it did cost a bit upfront but the unit is still going strong years later. Either way, making your own silver is going to be way better than buying at the store and not knowing what you are getting. Cheaper too!

  4. Kevin in Australia

    Since you have this kit, and since you drink bore water, you can put colloidal silver into the water, to helpkill pathogens. 🙂

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