Making Venison Hard Salami The Old Fashioned Way

I harvested a little 7 point buck the other day and decided to turn the whole thing into hard salami that we could keep and store without refrigeration. True hard salami will not need refrigeration and can hang for months before you eat it. The process is simple but for many of us who have no previous knowledge or experience in curing meats, the task can seem like a tough one.

Ingredients: 4 Pound Batch
4 pounds of ground venison
2 ounces of salt (2.5%)
1 tablespoon of celery powder
1 tablespoon of black pepper
1 tablespoon of red pepper flakes
1/2 cup of red wine (prefer CabSav, Merlot, Pino)

Anything else to flavor. Mix very well and stuff.

Where we purchased some of our materials:

Video Inspiration from Steve Lamb:

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Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. Great Video! Zachary, the USDA’s problem with Celery Powder as a source of Nitrate is not that it is good or bad compared to processed Nitrate. The issue is Consistency. There is no way to know if you are getting a sufficient amount of Nitrate using Celery Powder, other than, ” Hey nobody got Botulism so we must be good…” or Lab analysis. Just another bit of FYI…Some of the Nitrate decomposes into Nitrite, the active ingredient in giving taste, color and Botulism protection. This is based on time, temp and humidity, but the bulk of the conversion is done by good Bacteria, Lactobacillus, being a major player with Salami. Lactobacillus gives the Nitrite for the rosey red color in the product, Botulisum and Listeria protection and that delicious Lactic Acid Tang, think Yogurt, that you only find in old fashioned Salami. So is your process 100% Safe compared to using a known concentration of manufactured Nitrate? Best answer is not really…But…a Healthy Adult has no problem dealing with a little active harmful Bacteria or toxin they produce. Your Salami should not be eaten by the very young, less than 3, very old, 90+, pregnant Women or anyone that has a compromised Immune System…My Credentials, I am a Retired Food Safety Instructor and avid home Sausage producer. Be Safe and keep up the good work…JJ

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