Bee Removal To Be Illegal In Texas

Bee removal is a common practice for many bee owners. Well, it’s about to become illegal in Texas if an Irving lawmaker has her way.

When a local bee keeper gets a call concerning a swarm or hive in a nearby residence or tree, they load up and ride to the rescue. They arrive and set up their equipment and carefully bring the bees home to a new location where they can grown and thrive.

However, new legislation being filed in Texas would prevent most bee keepers from performing this valuable service unless they first jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops and red tape. What was once a sometimes cheap or free service from local bee keepers looking to expand their hives or preserve local bee populations for the benefit of a community, will turn into an expensive fee for whomever calls needing a bee removal.

meza bee removalRep. Theresa “Terry” Meza (D.) of Irving, Texas has authored House Bill 4212 that would make the process of bee removal illegal. Unless of course the person removing the bees has undergone 160 hours(160 hours??? SERIOUSLY??!?) of both class room and field training in beekeeping and removals. That amounts to over 3 college semester classes worth of training! A normal college class of 3 semester credit hours is around 45-48 contact hours. This nonsense will make almost all bee keeping removal services illegal overnight! If this bill passes, nobody will be able to legally remove and relocate bees after January 1, 2020 until after they go through 160 hours of training and licensing.

There is currently no agency, organization or authority that is set up to train such licensed bee removers in Texas. The legislation would place licensing and training specifics under the authority of the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Additionally, the “licensed” bee remover must obtain $600,000 in liability insurance. If that wasn’t enough, the bee remover must also have $300,000 in workman’s comp before being able to legally remove bees. Oh and you have to pay a yearly licensing fee and whatever fees are associated with your 160 hours (160 hours??? SERIOUSLY??!?) of classroom and field training.

This democrat lawmaker must really have a bone to pick with a bee keeper in her past. She got out of bed one morning and said to herself, “I’m going to make these awful bee keepers pay!”

Bee-Removal-IllegalI probably don’t have to remind you just how important bee keepers are to our communities. Not only are they providing and harvesting a natural sugar source in the form of honey, but by growing these bees, they are heavily contributing to the pollination of plants, gardens and crops by local growers and farmers. With the amount of pesticides being used in communities today, having these bee champions working and operating freely is very important.

Rep. Meza would tie the hands of those who would perform an amazing community service and ensure the health and growth of local bee populations in Texas. The result of the passage of the Meza bill is obvious. Landowners and homeowners will grab a can of RAID and kill the bees rather than pay the local bee keeper’s high fees as a result of training, licensing and insurance payments that allow them to do their job legally.

Tell Rep Meza what you think of her new bill.

Read The Bill Here:
Contact Rep. Meza and feel free to politely tell her that her legislation looks like it was written by Jospeh Stalin.
Phone 1:(972) 914-9043
Phone 2:(512) 463-0641
Rep. Meza Contact Form:
Rep. Meza’s Facebook Page:

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Zachary lives with his wife, two sons and his wife's parents on An American Homestead deep in the mountains of the American Ozarks. They all moved there together in July of 2013 where they began to build the homestead. They are off-grid with the exception of a phone line.

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  1. Charley Dowlearn

    Well of the bees are on the property of the home owner, that makes them their bees correct? Who is to say that the home owner cannot give his property to someone else if they round them up? I smell a loop hole!

    • George Pettyjohn

      You know they will plug it if caught. Second, IF, as a farmer, I have to pay someone who is licensed to come and get them I might just take care of that little problem myself, which is totally counter productive. This is a perfect example of government over reach. They are going to put a lot of small owners out of business. This sounds so democrat to me.

    • beautiful words. hit the nail by the head!!

  2. Lady, I hope you get a house saturated with bees and have NO ONE to remove them for you !

    • The unintended consequences of this bill are horrendous. Too many homeowners already grab a can of wasp and hornet spray rather than pay a moderate bee relocation fee. Wasp and Hornet spray does not knock down bees like it does wasps. Instead it pushes a peaceful colony of bees into attack mode, flying around madly, stinging innocent people and pets within 100 yards

      • George Pettyjohn

        If I have to call someone. Its likely they are somewhat experienced in hive removal or I would not know about them. Only the wild hives that are a nuisance, requires notification anyway. I think this is way over doing something that doesn’t need to be done. If they start burdening those who are plagued by wild hives they force people to start spraying them with insecticide. That’s not what this is for.

  3. As a beekeeper I can tell you that if this passes the population of bees will be doomed in Texas. My love was wild caught from a swarm hanging over a door of a public store. I feel that me removing them and putting them in a hive probably saved the from an exterminator.

  4. Another pathetic busybody politician merely looking for a legacy.

    • We are just small bee removal company people don’t pay much now if we have to go up on the price they will just exterminate the bee that lady is crazy we and she will die without the bees

    • i Would love to know where this foolishness came from. More busy body legislation. Surely there are more important things to work. Doing nothing would be even better.

  5. Theresa Meza, bees are our friends, you, obviously are not! Leave these essential beings alone. The bee population is hanging on by a thread as it is. Your proposed law could be the death of us all! Beekeeping is not rocket science, but is much more important to our survival!

  6. What an idiot!!! People are just going to spray and kill them if this goes through!

  7. I’m a professional beehive remover in Texas with 12 years of experience. A certain person who bills himself as the “bee Czar” has convinced Rep. Meza that there is a huge problem with beekeepers doing structural damage to houses when they do cutouts. That’s the first I’ve ever heard of it. I’ve spoken to Rep. Meza’s office and they plan to ammend the bill to 40 hours of training, to grandfather in current beehive removers on the training requirements and for the training requirements to not go into effect until a curriculum and training program has heen developed. The insurance and workman’s comp rules are unchanged. The “bee Czar’s” reputation within the beekeeping community caught up with him qnd any hopes he had of becoming the state trainer or getting free “trainee slaves” have been dashed. Yet the ball he started rolling is moving on. The bill will NOT keep unethical con men and bad removers (of which there are only 2 in all of Houston) from continuing their unethical behavior behavior. They will ignore the new law just as they ignore current law.

    • That’s the problem, new laws don’t stop criminals, they burden law abiding citizens. If we all stop trying to regulate common sense and morality we would all be better off.

    • Call him out – what’s this “bee czar’s” name?

    • I’m glad to see your input on here Mark Lockhart. You’re well known within the community for your expertise and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      ~Dan Jones

    • 40 hours of training is 40 hours too many.

      • Yup, a person should be able to tear up a persons house, compromise its structural integrity, and then leave without any experience or knowledge at all.
        I think that right is written into the constitution somewhere.

        Good Call!!!

        • Your snark-fu is weak, Bill-san. And didn’t make a lick of sense.
          The bad outweighs the good here. If you have a bee problem, you are free to call anyone you want to remove them; the rest of us will call the local bee guy who doesn’t have to make a college educated career out of removal, and does just fine.

        • Incidentally, Bill-tardo, I spoke with the congressmoron who told me the bill was to avoid exterminators killing colonies.
          This is, of course, a lie, nothing in the bill addressed or targeted exterminators, it targeted removal.

          And, the bill has been withdrawn, because democrats suck frothy anus and got caught on this one.

    • George Pettyjohn

      I still do not want It. Its legislation to legislate nothing more. Do something important.

    • Hi I’m Michael Sexton and like mark been at this for a long time . I agree about the insurance policy like any contractor must have when working on peoples home . I have seen it all from scams to people who just dont give a crap . Scammers and crooks will always find a way to RIP people off. Passing g this law will do nothing but make it worse on the bees as homeowners will take it amongst themselves to deal with the problem resulting in loss of bees and people going to the hospital ..think about it . I myself carry a pest control license and abide by the laws . What is the underlying issue with this bill? I have never caused structural damage or heard of anyone doing so? Doesnt mean it doesnt mean it never happens that’s why you have insurance like any home service business. Killing bees maybe? Well professional bee removal companys have a better chance of removing these wild pollinators than the average person attempting to do so. I know in Florida its recommended to kill bees to reduce the spread of africanized or potential africanized colonies. We try to relocated when possible these feral hives but not as easy as people claim to be with that said how are you going to deal with the tons of feral hives that invade peoples home or business structures when you limit people that have the skills to do so? Let me tell you who kills more bees than any of us ..New fly by night backyard beekeepers ..yes that’s true sorry I’m very blunt when it comes to this subject . To summarize I believe this bill is going to be more of a negative than positive effect on this industry my opinion except for the fees and money that will be made of the licensing and education requirements. Thank you

  8. Just know that if you pass this the average homeowner will simply get a can of wasp spray and kill them all.

  9. Gayenell M Walker

    This has to be as stupid a proposal as AOC’s “Green New Deal”. There is no need for this kind of legislation. Legitimate bee removal persons can be recommended by the local County Extension Agent or the local Humane Society and the bees have done very well without Government interference. If she really cared about bees she would introduce a bill banning neonicotinoids, which kill bees so necessary to our food supply.

  10. maybe they should have to go to a 160 hour class before running for office.

  11. This is complete bullshit. Leave it to a Demo.

  12. What a stupid woman Theresa Meza is, does she not realise that to take a free service provided by people who are passionate about bees and to make them pay liability insurance, pay for training and annual licencing will result in people choosing the cheaper option of spraying bees with insecticide instead of calling a bee keeper who traditionallly gave a free service and will now have to cover the cost of his training, liability insurance and annual license. Stupid, stupid woman.

    • So what you’re saying is that the bill addresses a non-existent problem? Because I have heard of stupid homeowners who do stupid things to remove bees, but honestly, cannot recall EVER hearing about a beekeeper causing irremedial damage when doing a favor for a fellow citizen. A bill such as has been described burdens well-educated and experienced folks who do not NEED to carry insurance and Workman’s comp for the normal exercise of their daily work. This is uncalled for legislation, your opinion notwithstanding. “Limited government!” (Ps, due to the nature of agriculture, there is NO classroom instruction that is HALF as effective as simple experience!!)

  13. Stupid Idea! City Girl with no experience trying to dictate her Big Government in Total Control ideas that are just silly an uninformed.

  14. Sounds like she just lot a lot of votes…..

  15. typical Democrat not much going on upstairs

  16. Follow the cash. See who is “donating” to her reelection fund. Bet you find a “Nationa”l pest control company.

  17. Steinly
    I completely agree with that. If I have bees living at my house and feel uncomfortable with them, especially if there are small children around, and can not have a beekeeper remove them for me, I would get out the spray can and kill them.

    Democrats are so stupid and want to control everyone and everything.

  18. You’re thinking is ridiculous. Probably another political money grubber. Beekeepers work for the bees.

  19. The moderate removal fee you are talking about was $400 last time I needed the service in Houston. I paid up because I didnt want to hurt good bees. The bee keeper was great, pulled them out nice and easy at night and told us how to clean up and avoid it happening again. Can you imagine what the fee would be if this passed?

    No bee no man
    I don’t why such so many stupid genius with high education become a lawmaker and turn to a hatter! Our bee already endanger ! She not helping and she want our bee extinction!

  21. This is a very bad idea, for all the reasons previous comments illustrate. It is government overreach, and worse still, dangerous to homeowners and bees. It has no redeeming value as legislation. It is a stupid solution to a problem that apparently bothers only one legislator.

  22. It is important that you contact YOUR representative and make them know this is a bad idea. A very bad idea. You should rally as many people as you each individually can in order to stop this. As a firefighter we used to kill swarms that were causing public issues- better to be gathered up by beekeepers and saved, especially in the era of near extinction of bees…

    • This is a stupid idea. Not only for commercial bee keepers but backyard keepers as well. What is going to pollinate our crops and fruit trees?

  23. This is one of the most ridiculous law I’ve ever heard one! Just another crazed democrat trying to control our every move! Enough is enough!!! Get out of my life…get out of my house…get out of my business!!!!!

  24. How about she go out and LEARN something about it before she decide to try to makes laws regulating what others do

  25. This is ridiculous I guess she doesn’t care about future generations to have fruits and vegetable….She need to get her head out of her…fill in the blanks

  26. Vivian March 31,@ 9:30 p.m. This is a very stupid idea for the commercial bee keepers as well as backyard bee keepers. What is going to pollinate our crops and fruit trees. We need the bees! Where is she getting this idea from?

  27. Meza is a damn fool

  28. Zachary Bauer failed to mention that it is already CURRENTLY ILLEGAL in Texas for a person to remove a bee hive unless that person is either registered with the Texas Apiary inspection service or has a Texas Pest Control License.

  29. This bill has been dead for a while now, yet everyone keeps spreading this fake news to generate outrage.

    • Xander, I’m trying to find the current status of this bill as of today, April 3. Why do you say the bill is dead?

      • Meza office has said they are not moving forward with the bill. So it will basically die in committee.
        You can call her office to confirm. Her office number is 512.463.0641

  30. She would have never put forth such a crazy idea unless she is getting big money for doing this. In other words, she is gaining lots by a shadow government that wants more control over the population as well as reducing this population. Take away our food and you decrees the population. Someone needs to see who is controlling our Texas people.

  31. Once again stupidity is trying to reign where it does not belong! You cant fix it but you can duct tape it a friend once told me..

    Prayers Abba help us Stand still and see the salvation of Yahuah the Most High..He’s got yall..aman

  32. I have been a keeper for over 20 yrs my thing is they don’t want em……..i do have a pound of honey & i will take ’em thank you sounds like noboma jr is tryin to add more laws All y”ll just remember ………..” YOU CAN`T FIX STUPID”

  33. A very unnecessary bill that I hope never makes its on the floor. Beekeeping is a beautiful hobby that some people love turning into a business. Taxing that opportunity to heavily is a terrible idea.

  34. We are a live bee removal company that specializes in live bee removal. This bill would not hurt us as we have the appropriate certifications. What needs to be done is the Texas Department of Agriculture needs to give the authority for this back to the Texas Beekeepers Association and quit causing problems for beekeepers.

  35. As a live bee removal company at has clients everywhere all over the DFW area. We help customers and families that are need of bee removals. This bill should not be passed,we are a valuable service that helps the community and environment. Please keep updated with more information.

  36. We do live bee removal in the San Antonio and surrounding areas and it’s always with the best intent of the colony to reposition them to thrive and grow. This bill should not be passed as it’s clearly ignorant of the industry as a whole.

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