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Off Grid Guy Talks About On Grid Failures – Oupes Mega 3 – 3072Wh Solar Generator

The US power grid is not as robust as you might think it is. The American Society of Civil Engineers has given it a rating of C-. What will you do if the grid goes down for a backup power supply?

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  1. Living off grid with a fancy inverter and battery system; wind solar and diesel generator. Here is the deal…it is only as good as you weakest link. Next time…we are going to simply and go without some luxury.

  2. Wow, that Solar Generator video was really interesting! I’m always on the lookout for reliable power solutions for my outdoor adventures and home backup needs. Have you heard of the Segway Portable PowerStation Cube Series? It’s a versatile powerhouse with a whopping 5kWh capacity, fast recharging, and comprehensive protections. Plus, it’s waterproof! Might be worth checking out if you’re into camping or need a reliable backup power source. Keep up the great work!

  3. when the grid goes down, you better have lots of salt.
    you can salt all the meat and drain it and store it in an air tight container.
    this can be kept in a cool place without refrigeration. for weeks.
    remember to soak/rinse the salt off the meat before cooking.

  4. We are so far removed from a gold standard. Most of us won’t know how or where to buy/trade with it. If I have gold how much of it will buy me beef, eggs, ect?

  5. Is it being overly concerned to worry that linking up the solar generator to my cell (for remote monitoring, etc.) is just a good way for “them” to be able to back my system and shut it down in times of excessive govt over-reach? Maybe I’m thinking up problems, but I was not sure it was worth the convenience weighed against the potential interference.

    Wondering what people think. Thanks in advance.

  6. Australia is pushing through a Digital ID bill through Parliament as we speak so heads up as they may try that there in America as well.
    All I can say is I’m glad I’m Off grid and mainly self sufficient whilst watching this country implode.

  7. I have one of these Max 3’s and have been super happy with it so far. I use it to power an.off grid cabin.

  8. I’m a line clearance tree trimmer and something that bothers me is people letting their users become jungles underneath power lines and then get mad when vines and trees knock out their power. Everyone do some yard maintenance and you’d be surprised how few outages your neighborhood has.

  9. It takes 10 years to build the power lines because they have all the redundancy built-in. Oh, and I forgot the most important part. The BS that goes with it.

  10. Do you only have 1 freezer? I have 2 plus 2 refrigerators (and a mini fridge in the summer to sell out eggs). I am trying to figure out how to reduce that but I don’t want everything canned.

  11. I work around our power grid daily. you are right about it being fragile. Fortunately, here in OK our utility crews are usually on top of repairs. My concern for the grid is the supply issues ive seen with large pad mount transformers. Some of them are years out from when they order them. since most are oil filled you can imagine what would happen if someone attacked them with a pew pew.

  12. When you butcher, could you do a start to finish whole muscle cure and smoke? I went through your curing playlist, and I still feel like I’m missing something. I built a smokehouse and aquired the materials to cure. I’m just unsure about it. I know, it’s been done thousands of years, but I still feel I’m missing a vital piece of info after all my research.

  13. We have a big whole house duel fuel but really want a smaller either solar or gas for more short term outages

  14. Sounds like a great tool, but not on our retired budget. Our workaround in northern Wisconsin is that we keep our freezer outside, under shelter of course. It runs on solar 2/3 of the year and we simply unplug it during the cold/low solar months. That reduces our failure exposure by 30%. Freezers are for meat only.

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