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Our Fight With Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Squamous Cell Carcinoma is mostly known as a slow growing skin cancer that can usually be treated with positive results. In the form of oral cancer it is more dangerous but if caught early, can still result in a positive outcome. Only about 5-10% of oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma is aggressive and that was what Jaimie had to deal with. The doctors at first thought this too and told us we had caught it early. They informed us we could even take 30-60 days to seek out a second opinion on treatments. But after 60 days, most of the other doctors we sought council with determined the same thing, start surgery and do so immediately.

Right after diagnosis, Jaimie began alternative treatments. But her cancer did not slow down. In fact, it became very aggressive and it seems the more we threw at it, the angrier the cancer became.

During our fight, I researched and researched and I was very appreciative of anyone who shared their story. I took the experiences of others and applied their gained wisdom to our own fight. Maybe there will be others who stumble unto this page trying to do the same looking for things that may work for their cancer. Wisdom is gained through experience and I would totally do some things differently if I could turn back time.

Loses Wife To Cancer

Top 3 Things I Would Use To Fight Cancer
If I could start over tomorrow with this fight, I would do some things different. All of the more natural protocols I list in the video have amazing testimonies of success that you can find and research online. And so, I’m not discounting them. But the point of this post and video is to show what worked and did not work for us. We want to share with you what we would do different in our cancer fight if given the chance.

1. Astaxantin
2. Vitamin C (liposomal and IV)
3. Beta Glucan (medicinal mushrooms, Ryl Beta 500)

Those three things are where I would concentrate my efforts. I believe the astaxanthin was working and saw it attacking the cancer. Her tumors were producing pus and pus is the direct result of white blood cells attacking something foreign in the body. But I believe we started this process too late and when I did start, I made a serious mistake that cost us time and effectiveness. Jaimie had a feeding tube. Because the astaxanthin has an olive oil base, I would warm it up to mix effectively with her food. Getting the astaxanthin too hot will decrease its effectiveness to half or even less. 140 degrees can almost render it completely useless. If I had started this early when she could still eat and swallow, this would not have been a problem.

Vitamin C seems very effective at keeping cancer localized. I learned this from all of the testimonies I researched online. There are plenty of examples of Vitamin C curing cancer outright for many patients. But for more aggressive cancers, it seems that Vitamin C slows the spread of the cancer or stops the spread all together which is important. Because the last thing a cancer patient wants is for the battle to spread to multiple places. This was true for Jaimie. The cancer remained in her neck and mouth area and it surprised the doctors at her last pet scan that it had not spread to the rest of her body and organs.

The Beta Glucans and medicinal mushrooms are EXCELLENT at bumping up your white blood cell count. Your white blood cells (WBC) are the ninjas in your body who are always on patrol searching out problems that shouldn’t be there. We started medicinal mushrooms and beta glucans almost immediately. Her WBC count was around 5 at the time we first started fighting. In the month before she passed, it was over 11 which is the high end of normal. There are amazing testimonies of people beating cancer just with medicinal mushrooms alone. The active ingredient in these mushrooms (turkey tail, reishi, chaga) are the beta glucans. Today, you can buy pharmaceutical grade beta glucans online. We did both. The more white blood cells you have working for you, the better the chance you have of the WBC finding the cancer and destroying it.

The question you may ask is why didn’t that help Jaimie? Many cancer researchers are finding that some cancers produce a molecule called PD1. This molecule will fool a WBC into thinking that the cancer cell is normal and is not a threat. Astaxanthin includes a molecule that attaches to cancer cells and becomes a PD1 Blocker. This then identifies the cancer cell for what it really is to the WBC. Scientists and drug companies today have recognized this fact and are producing medicines like Keytruda that fall into the category of Immunotherapy. Do your own research on that.

Our Fight With Squamous Cell Carcinoma – Oral Cancer

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