Achocha Seeds – Fat Baby Cucumber

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Seed packet – 15 seeds.

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Achocha seeds will grow cucumbers that grab the attention of visitors to your garden. This fantastic fully edible cucumber plant is sure to be a conversation starter. The achocha cucumber looks intimidating but is delicious right off the vine!

These achocha seeds of the amazing soft spined cucumber that we at An American Homestead are harvested from our own crop year after year. These seeds are very rare and hard to obtain as I explained in the youtube video during season 1. This variety of the Achocha Cucumber (Cyclanthera brachystachya) grew very well for us the homestead. We had zero issues with disease or pest pressures on this plant.


Cyclanthera brachystachya (Achocha) is an annual that we measured growing up to 15-20 feet with production spanning from July to October. This is a plant that originates in South and Central America but is well suited for almost all US hardiness zones. This is truly an amazing plant and will wow the crowd at your local farmers market or county fair.


There should be no problem growing in sandy, loamy, or clay soils as well as you keep the soil moist but not over watered. It will grow GREAT in a cultivated and well nutrient stocked beds. Be sure to provide something for this plant to climb on. Provide medium to full sun! Depending on your climate, fallen seeds will grow back year after year in the same spot. Colder climates will have to plant every year.


The seeds you are getting provided 95% germination in the previous generation. Sow directly in rich soil and water well for a week keeping the soil moist. Sow in mid spring or after all danger of frost is gone. Keep the soil moist throughout the growing season but do not over water as the leaves may begin to turn yellow. Constant harvesting will spur new growth on the plant. NOTICE: If you don’t see fruiting right away, don’t lose patience.  Fruiting can be late into the summer and even into fall.

1. Pick fresh from the vines and then marinate for an hour in your favorite Italian dressing. Then grill over a charcoal grill. TASTY!
2. Pick fresh from the vines and then split. Eat fresh with a ranch dip.
3. Pick young small cukes from the vine and then juice in your veggie juicer.
4. Split and add to any stir-fry with rice.

Achocha Seeds VIDEO

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  1. Lance (verified owner)

    Can’t pronounce the name but they taste delicious. Grow easy and make great pickles. An American Homestead isn’t the only place I’ve found them but by far the best.

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