Bee Hive!


These ship un-assembled.
Frames must be purchased separately.


These amazing bee hives were build for An American Homestead by one of our patrons. They are very good quality and well built and still affordable.

The purpose of these hives to help those interested in bee keeping with an affordable option at getting into the hobby. These hives are priced at $149 plus $50 that we figure in for shipping to most of the US. Most other sellers are going to charge you extra for shipping on top of a high price.


There are a lot of benefits into getting into bee keeping.
Making honey for yourself

-Sell honey for money
-Honey is healthy
-Increased garden production from pollination
-Harvesting bees wax


These quality hives are kiln dried western red cedar.
2 Large Boxes and 1 Medium super on top
Outer Cover
Entrance reducer for winter
Screened bottom board with sliding insert

Approximate assembly time: 45 minutes

FRAMES ARE NOT INCLUDED: These can be purchased separately, or soon will be available to add to your order.


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