Card 1-2 Spice Mix and Roasted Garlic Spread


Beautifully printed full color recipe cards with glossy coating.


The first recipe card in the series is a front and back print. So you get 2 recipes for the price and shipping of one card. This card is an important one because it contains the spice mix that we use in so many recipes here on the homestead. So rest assured that this card will get used a lot in your kitchen.

1. Oven Roasted Garlic

This was an easy recipe that we discovered early in our dating when we went to a restaurant and this was served as an appetizer with some crusty bread. The roasted garlic spreads like butter over the bread and yeah it will give you garlic breath…but if the one you love has the same breath then it won’t matter. 🙂 This was an often used date night snack throughout our marriage so that is why it makes our number one in the series.

2. Spice Mix – Jaimie’s Essence

Close behind is our spice mix that I lovingly refer to as Jaimie’s Essence. She used this in so many dishes and recipes. It’s basically a knockoff of Emeril’s Essence but better and healthier as the original is sold with unknown ingredients. Buy these ingredients in bulk and mix according to the recipe and use for so many recipes in your kitchen for an amazing flavor.
Our favorite uses: Wings, pastas, burrito seasonings, meat dry rub, veggies, salads, fish, soups and even popcorn!

Roasted Garlic Recipe

Essence Spice Mix Recipe



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