Green Beans and Sorghum Syrup Recipe – Card 5


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It’s fun to explore my wife’s recipe note card stash and recipe book. I never know what I might find. This amazing little recipe was written in her favorites and I remember tasting it the first time we harvested our Sorghum on the homestead! SO GOOD!

Green Beans and Sorghum Syrup Recipe Card

Now if you don’t have Sorghum, you can use honey in this recipe and still get an amazing recipe. But I would urge you to visit your local grocer and search out a bottle/jar of Sorghum Syrup and get the full flavor profile of the sweetness mixed with the green beans. And I would recommend using farm fresh green beans over anything store bought. You can’t skimp on greatness with this one. If you have to, pick up a couple pounds of green beans from your local farmers market.

Green Bean with Sorghum Recipe


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