Homestead Shower Bucket – American Made!


The American Homestead Shower Bucket!
American Made and Assembled on the Homestead

Bucket is made with American Steel.
10 Quart Capacity
Variable Flow Brass Ball Valve


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Forget those flimsy camp shower bags or canvas buckets! This is all American steel construction holding 10 quarts gallons of water for your next outdoor shower!

This camp shower bucket is perfect for off grid homesteads, camping trips, and semi-permanent locations where people are living and working. This is a great tool to send to overseas missionaries or remote locations where someone might need a mid-day rinse off from the summer heat.

It’s made with mostly all metal parts and brass ball valve that opens and closes easily. Just open the brass ball valve all the way for a fast rinsing flow or just part way to limit the flow. You control how much water you use. THAT’S IMPORTANT: Most shower buckets or bags are either all or nothing. This way you can conserve water and control the rate of flow!

These buckets are assembled and used on An American Homestead and have been featured on our popular YouTube Channel and website. This is the shower bucket we use every day both summer and winter. We take great pride in building these right on the homestead and are positive you will get many years of use out of your bucket.

We are folks who actually live the Off-Grid lifestyle and use our bucket every day, both in summer and winter.



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