Mexican Meat Spice Mix – Card 3


Beautifully printed full color recipe cards with glossy coating.


Our Mexican Meat Spice Mix recipe card is the 3rd in our series. This spice mix found its way into so many of our dishes because we love mexican! Burritos, tacos, taco salads, any this south of the border will benefit from this wholesome and healthy mix.

Mexican Meat Spice Mix Recipe

So many spice mixes today are full of preservatives and include ingredients that really don’t give you an idea about what they are. Natural flavors or flavorings. What is that? This is why we preferred to buy the spices in bulk and make the mixes ourselves without fillers and questionable anti-caking agents. Add this spice mix to any mexican dish for that unmistakable south of the border flavor that you love so much!

Mexican Spice Mix Recipe


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