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Naturally Grown Shoshito Pepper Seeds

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The Shoshito Pepper has become our official homestead sweet pepper. ORDER WITH FREE SHIPPING!


Every year we try new garden items and observe how they perform. Jaimie especially loves sweet peppers and so in the past we have tried to grow different bell peppers. But the Shoshito pepper has blown us away with its massive productivity. Your average sweet bell pepper plant may give you a dozen peppers at any given time, the Shoshito is loaded with 3 or 4 dozen sweet thin skinned peppers. It’s a smaller pepper to be sure but the plant produces an enormous bounty of product that makes up for its size.
They are great for cooking and using with any recipe that calls for sweet peppers. An additional benefit is that these are sized perfectly for just picking off the vine and eating raw. The green are sweet and the more aged reds are packed with an amazing pepper flavor. The more mature red peppers explode with flavor when grilled or pan roasted.
The bottom line is that if you like sweet peppers, you owe it to yourself to try the Shoshito Pepper in your next garden.
Start your peppers indoors 9 weeks before last frost. Will produce a bounty of peppers all summer. Make sure soil is warm before transplanting. They will work well in a growing container if the soil is fertile. Peppers are one of the more difficult garden items to grow. We’ve had good success germinating our seeds in ziplocks or jiffy trays.
We totally recommend this pepper for stir fry and asian dishes. But also great in cutting long ways and placed in sandwiches or subs. Delicious for salads and even make an attractive garnishment. Also wonderful when roasted or sautéed and salted to taste. Makes a great snacking pepper when eaten raw with cream cheese on a cracker.


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