Cane Sugar Sorghum Seeds

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Each Packet: 100+ Seeds

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Our Sorghum Seeds bring a favorite crop on the homestead. This is a type of sugar cane that is otherwise called Sorghum in most of the United States. This seed variety was given to us by a resident in Mexico
and has grown great here on the homestead with very few pest issues and big seed yield every year. Not to mention that the cane is very sweet and your kids will love chewing on this every late summer and early fall for a treat!


Our Sorghum Seeds

This variety of cane is very heat tolerant and can handle dry spells pretty well. In good soil, we never had to water. In poorer soil, if you don’t water the cane will be thinner but will still produce when later summer rains hit. But either way the plants are drought tolerant.


Pest Pressures: The plants do sometimes suffer a mild attack of aphids but it’s never big enough to really damage the plant or stunt growth. Any natural pesticides will take care of any aphids your concerned about.


Plants will reach about 12 feet tall or so and can be harvested in the late summer or early fall as temps start to drop. If the cane is not sweet, give it some additional time to sweeten. A good indicator are the seeds. The sorghum seeds will appear and turn a dark red. Harvesting time should be not far away. The seeds themselves can be de-hulled and then popped like popcorn or ground into a gluten free flour. If you have chickens, the abundance of seeds will feed your flock! Chickens and turkeys love these!


Cane sugar and sorghum is very high in nutrients including iron, and lots of essential vitamins and minerals. Many experts will tell you that sugar cane or sorghum juice is one of the healthiest juice drinks you can put into your body to heal sickness. In fact, the owner of the juicer company Tubo Biz, claims that cane juice cured his skin cancer.


Each packet will contain over 100 seeds. This will grow a nice stand of cane the first year which will produce enough seed to plant an entire acre or more the following year. Enjoy!


Making Popcorn With Sorghum Video


Harvesting Sorghum Video

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  1. Benjamin and Lauren

    We grew sorghum this year and they were really easy to grow, pretty much zero maintenance. We were hoping for seed, but frost came early. We harvested the stalks and nibbled on the sweet internal meat of the plant. Excellent product, we’re going to try again next year for some seed! Sorghum popcorn, here we come.

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