Washcloths Set 2


100% Natural Cotton

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These are 3 of Joann’s award winning knitted handmade cotton washcloths. Each set includes a variety of colors shown in the picture. We us these washcloths for dishes, bathing and most everything else on the homestead. They last a long time and are very durable.

Joann has won first place and Grand Champion for her knitting skills in our county fair in the past. So rest assured you are getting award winning quality products with these handmade cotton washcloths.

Each washcloth is 100% natural cotton.

Joann has been making these for our use for our homestead. We received so many compliments and requests that we decided to make them for sale on our site.

We know you will get much use and enjoyment from these washcloths.

Color Set #2


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