Season 2

Season 2 kicks off with summer going into full swing. There is lots to do on the homestead with little time to waste in order to get ready for a great harvest this fall. Not only that, but we have many projects still to complete to make the homestead more efficient and productive. We hope you will join us for new episodes released weekly!

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Episode 1

This week on An American Homestead, Season 2 kicks off with the winner of the Roku Channel giveaway. Plus we have a special treat for you and we meet our new neighbors.

Episode 2

This week on the homestead, we get a chance to use our newly built solar dehydrator. Plus we take a look at the first ever vintage of wine being bottled on the homestead.

Episode 3

This week on An American Homestead, the chickens come under attack and our defenses have to be bolstered in order to protect the flock. Plus we help out a friend nearby who brings over a bunch of chickens to be butchered. And Finally, it’s hot. So you know what that means!

Episode 4

This week on An American Homestead, we take a look at almost 3 years of doing laundry by hand. Jaimie and her mother Joanne show no signs of slowing down and Jaimie gives some advice for others who are interested in off-grid laundry. Plus the homestead has the garden rain catchment system up and working. It will provide over 500 gallons of water to be used for the garden this summer.

Episode 5

This week on An American Homestead we take inventory on fire prevention methods around the homestead. We want to have the ability to respond to fires if they occur on the homestead. Also, we need to replace a power inverter that blew out from a recent lightning strike.

Episode 6

This week on An American Homestead, we take a look at our sheep and clean the hooves and talk about if they are worth the trouble or not. Also we go visit another family and see their amazing off grid solar powered shower. Imagine heating your shower water with the sun. Plus cooking with Jaimie.

Episode 7

This week on An American Homestead, it’s the land of milk and honey. We love our Raw Milk and we love our honey right fresh from the hive. We don’t yet produce these things on our homestead but there are homesteaders nearby that do. Let’s go see!

Episode 8

This week on An American Homestead. The harvest season has begun and we are busy putting up as much food as we can for the coming winter. We’re going to take a look at some of the things around our garden.

Episode 9

What is our day like? We simply get up and get to work. There are plenty of chores and projects that need to be completed and worked on everyday. Also, we have upgraded our shower. Take a look!

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Episode 10

We’ve been busy this week with canning and pulling in the harvest. At the same time, we are still butchering chickens and making improvements to our strawberry patch. Also, deer season is right around the corner and its time to set up the deer feeder.

Episode 11

It’s all about the spuds this week! The harvest is coming in like crazy and we are putting up as much food as possible for the winter. One of these foods are the spuds we grew this year. Here is how we are saving them. OH! And the County Fair is coming up real soon. So stay tuned for more on that next week!

Episode 12

The homestead is getting ready for the county fair. We have numerous entries to submit and we are finalizing them this week. Next week we will be able to share our experiences at the fair as well as livestock showings. Stay tuned!

Episode 13

We had a great time at the county fair this year and we did so much better on our fair entries than we did last year. Plus got to see our neighbors work and enter in some of our livestock so we know what to do for next year.

Episode 14 Finale

We take you through a whole day’s process of making a giant batch of Salsa and pressure canning it over an open wood fire. Plus we have the winners for this season’s giveaways!

Thanks for watching and sharing our videos! This is modern homesteading!

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  1. Episode 12, the real salt. I got some Real Salt, from Redmond, Utah, and it had grit in it. I called the company, and they said that it is natural to find sand in it sometimes, and offered to replace it. I didn’t bother. I dissolved my salt in water, just enough water to dissolve it all, and poured off the brine, leaving the sand in the container. I then boiled it until i dried it out, voila!, no grit. I am going to go by the Salt Flats when I pass through Utah next, and get my own salt for free, with grit just like the Redmond product, and dissolve it to remove the sand, just like I did with their product.

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