Season 3

Just like in years past, we need to move quick to plant and harvest as much food as possible before the growing season is over. Season 3 kicks off with a audience giveaway with more to come. We have lots of ongoing projects underway here at the homestead that include an outdoor kitchen, saw mill pavilion and solar kiln among other projects. Not only that but we have new meat production getting started with our turkey flock this year that should produce a lot of food for the homestead.

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Episode 1

In this episode, we visit Shalom Acres and help them butcher one of their grass fed steers. Butchering a cow by yourself can be a chore and it’s good to have some help. It takes practice to process meat efficiently but anyone can learn and the savings is well worth the effort.

Episode 2

This week on an American Homestead. A terrifying event forces us to make some animal changes on the homestead. Find out what happened and see the changes we’ve made. Plus, we have some new building projects to showcase on the homestead.

Episode 3

This week on An American Homestead. It looks like we are going to have a great harvest of garlic this year. Plus Jaimie gives you one of our favorite garlic recipes. Zac also gives his most important garden tip and a tip on a troubled chainsaw.

Episode 4

Homestead Children: This week on An American Homestead. We look at the difference at raising children on the homestead rather than with modern luxuries that many enjoy today. Plus the Saw Mill is running and we are using it to help a friend this week.

Episode 5

People often marvel at our garden and the amount of food it is able to produce. It literally feeds my family throughout the year. Much of the knowledge we have about growing I learned over the years of watching John Kohler at the Growing Your Greens Youtube Channel! We love permaculture and gardening. This show proves it!

Episode 6

Lots of people ask us how they should get started homesteading. That’s an impossible questions to answer. For everyone its different. In this episode, we meet a young couple that is determined not to build the average hardware store matchstick house. Plus we announce the winner of another giveaway.

Episode 7

Trucks and Tractors. We take a look at what helps make the workload of the American homesteader lighter than those in the past. Plus, Joann makes something special from last years county fair.

Episode 8

This week on An American Homestead. The new outdoor kitchen is up and operational and we are busy canning this years harvest. Plus, Air Conditioning. could you live without it? For us, we have lived without AC for over three years.