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Shows of An American Homestead are released usually once a week on Monday morning. All episodes can be watched on youtube or on the An American Homestead website.

This season, summer is here and the homestead is gearing up for the fall harvest. The garden is in full swing, construction projects are being completed and fall lambing season should hopefully be producing some new additions before winter. New challenges are facing these new homesteaders as they deal with the extreme southern summer heat and forgo the modern conveniences of American city living.

The two families have sheep, a guard donkey named Tilly (short for Matilda), chickens, and guinea hens, and they raise blue gill fish.

Additionally this season, Zac and Tim need to decide what animals will be showing in the coming county fair this year. Jaimie and her mother Joanne will be busy in the kitchen canning up all of the goodies the harvest provides as well as testing out a new pressure canner and stainless steal steam juicer.

This season we also get to meet some of their neighbors and friends as they stop by to visit and together plan for the fall feast known as Sukkot.

Trials and tribulations are what’s in store for those brave enough to leave the bustling city life in search of a more simple one. But will what they find actually be simple? We will find out!


  1. Howdy yall, I just watched the first video and had a question. Is the reason your filtering your well water through the Berky due to the hand dug stone lined well that was showcased in the aquaponic system, or do you have a separate drilled well for the hand pump. I figured as I too am on well water albet with a electric pumped deep well and the only filtration my drinking water gets is a 15 micron sediment filter to keep the water heater from gunking up.

    • Yes, we have a separate drilled well for our hand pump. We filter through the Berkey because of the sediment in the water. No electric pump or filter.

  2. Was wanting to enter into contest. Love the videos. Keep up the good work.

  3. Just wondered what kind of black paint for your ibc’s? Is it a specialty paint for plastic?
    Thanks for all the videos.

  4. Roberto and Sharon

    Thank You all for Sharing your knowedge with us all.

  5. My son told me about you YouTube videos. I really enjoy them.

  6. This is a tid bit about showing at fairs ( I ve been watching your videos a few years, I’m out of the lop on if you have done fair yet but its good info) So my kids auctioned at fair for years, turkey, swine and lamb. Not to mention showing rabbits chickens and dairy goats through 4h. Here in California if an auction animal won grand champion you got to sell a second auction animal because all champions must run through auction. What we figured out is everyone raises a turkey, your chances are higher to get that champion. Then you raise a pig, lamb, meat pen rabbit or chicken. The kids have a better chance of increasing their profit. All else fail, you eat the turkey. This was a great way to earn money for future project. And I thought it was worth you looking into your livestock auction rules for your fair.

  7. I’ve been binge watching your YouTube and can’t find how to watch you on steam .. love you guys!!

  8. Peter Luisa Guerin

    SHALOM we love your teachings and a American Homestead and new 2 Torah

  9. Locating your site has been an excellent find for our family. Wife and I began, separately and unknowingly, began researching the Torah so you guys are Torah people, which we find rewarding. Second we are looking at a similar life style of homesteading. Solar and a host of other similar ideas that American Homesteading do we find interesting. Some things we already do but you are far ahead of us. We have a 5 year old who, because of her extreme case of psoriasis, pushed us to this direction. Hope to follow and learn.

  10. Which video shows Tims meal worm setup?

    Would also like buy some populous seeds.

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