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Multiplication tables memorization and math in general can instill fear in many home school parents. And I totally get it because I was not a good math student all throughout high school and college. I hated math and went to great lengths to only do the bare minimum in order to graduate. You might be the same way and if that is the case, DON’T WORRY! The fact that so many parents fear teaching math has not gone unnoticed to curriculum writers today.

We are using two programs and I have been so impressed by both of them. The first is Teaching Textbooks. This program is in serious need of some graphics upgrades but don’t let that deter you. The program software is written in Flash and Chrome is threatening to completely discontinue support for Flash by the end of 2020. But there will always ways around that including using other browsers. Google tends to be a bully in the browser world insisting that you must do things their way. But other browsers like Firefox, Waterfox and Brave give us hope. Not to mention, Teaching Textbooks claims they are working on a Chrome acceptable upgrade.

Both of my children love Teaching Textbooks and every time I mention TT on my channel, so many of the parents echo that praise as well. I know just from that feedback that TT is extremely popular among home schoolers.

Learning Multiplication Tables For Homeschool

The one area that Jaimie felt (and now me as well) that TT fell short was the teaching of the multiplication tables. It just didn’t work. Then someone in our audience suggested we try Times Tales. WOW! What a difference. We saw our oldest (sixth grader) who was still struggling with memorization of his times tables change over a weeks time by going through the Times Tales program. Jaimie ordered the very basic program offered by Times Tales and that was enough to bring our son online to where he needed to be.

Now my seven year old is a completely different story. He loves math. His age group should technically be in 2nd grade and he’s currently doing 3rd grade math and about to start 4th grade curriculum. But he was still struggling a bit with his multiplication tables. So I tried the program with him and within just a few days, he’s up to speed and rocking his tables.

homeschool multiplication tables

The basic program consist of a couple of videos that are easily digestible, and a comprehensive work book with printable work sheets. My seven year old loves the work sheets and runs through them and asks for more. It’s still a good idea to be available to answer questions and assist but the content is very easy to understand and work through at their own pace.

If there is any sort of a struggle with learning times tables with your homeschooler, this is a program that I would highly recommend to make this often times shaky ground very solid.

Below is Jaimie giving her video review of Times Tales. The price has gone up a bit since the video was recorded but in my opinion, it’s still very much worth the cost.

Multiplication tables are important and it’s programs like Times Tales that really help take the fear out of math for home school educators. If this has been a problem issue for your child, I would highly recommend ordering and getting started with this today. 1. Watch the videos 2. Start the work book. ENJOY!


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  1. I taught both of my daughters basic multiplication using marbles. For example, we’d put four marbles in each of three piles or three marbles in each of four piles (3X4 and 4X3),. The girls could count them all individually and come up with 12 or count by threes or fours (3,6,9,12 or 4,8,12). We did this over a period of a few days and got all the way through the times tables. They caught on so quickly. This was especially helpful for my older daughter who was woefully behind in math at the public school she attended.

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